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Jan rider. Alabama's do at basketball. Coach will be Nate odes recently signed an extension with buffalo, but couldn't pass up the opportunity to coach in the SEC crimson tide. Oats led buffalo to the NC double A tournament. The last three years notes four seasons at buffalo. Holly Warlick is out after seven seasons as Tennessee is women's head basketball coach replaced hall of Famer Pat summitt when she retired opening day around major league baseball for twenty eight of the thirty teams. Tomorrow Indians will be without all-star shortstop prayed Cisco endure indefinitely with a sprained left ankle. Bluejays of traded D H for his basement Kendra Morales for the as reminder leaguer and international signing space in the NBA on ESPN TV and the ESPN app as well. Second quarter at Oklahoma City. The Pacers lead the thunder forty three to forty one two seconds to go in the first half Golden State with a sixty four fifty eight lead at Memphis Steph curry with fourteen points, Golden State in Denver currently tied for the. Tom spot in the west blazers going for a fifth straight at a fifty seven forty one lead the bulls late in the second quarter, Seth curry weeds, Portland would fifteen points up at ten eastern on ESPN radio also on ESPN has wealth. Lakers facing the jazz, LeBron James out breast Celtics clinch, a playoff spot last night right now deficiency in the east George Burns says that they will need a solid and focused Kyrie Irving, but bottom line is is key player and their best shot creator and without him. They can't win against the team. They want to beat the ultimate, Doris Burke. Golic and wingo. Lebron.

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