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Weather helps firefighters battling the most sprawling fire in the city's history most of the fourteen hundred people evacuated over the weekend have returned to their homes and glendale and burbank the more than nine square mile blaze destroyed three homes this is and prd whose in frankfurt germany residents were returning to their homes sunday after waiting for a huge world war two bombed be the fused two results reports the movement of more than sixty thousand people was the biggest evacuation in germany since the war hospitals the frankfurt opera house in germany's central bank were all evacuated as technicians carried dealt a complicated and delicate task of dismantling the massive explosive the britishmade bond discovered wednesday at a construction site is among the largest of the roughly two thousand pieces of unexploded ordnance found every year in germany officials ordered residents to leave the area for the daylong operation and enlisted more than 8000 emergency workers his warning that if something went wrong the resulting explosion could flatten a whole city block still some residents refused to budge and were taken into custody by authorities for the duration of the procedure for npr news i'm teri schultz walter becker of a guitar as bassist and cofounder of the rock group steely dan has died he was sixty seven his official website announced his def sunday with no further details becker and steely dan ban may donald fagan wrote hits like reeling in the years do it again and ricky don't lose that number both men were inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame in two thousand one with no new wide releases hollywood basically he took the labor day weekend off putting an end to what's expected the be the lowest earning summer moviegoing season since two thousand six the hit man's bodyguard topped the charge for a third weekend followed by the horror spinoff and the ball creation i'm jim hoch npr news in washington support for npr comes from npr stations other contributors include the size.

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