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Rid of it but i'm just wondering what when the vast eyeing those of us sprang to do that as soon as you start to see agree reigning up but just realize it a few it let's say get you definitely get your good plans out of there you'll plant him some place where you can come out of this area entirely but if you go out there and her tell you this going to be tearing up the root system in that's not going to necessarily kill it so that's why you're going to have to come back after your roeder tell it in it may take a year or two to finally get rid of the poison ivy it's not going to be a one time y'all's circumstance for less so just keep that in mind and the reason why i'm saying that is when my family first move from the city out to ellis fell we had a huge thing of poison ivy at the far end of our backyard we had a farmer come in heat to young whether track actor and apply our something i forget exactly what mechanism here any toward all up in yeah that got rid of a lot of it but we still battle poison ivy for several years way back then now we've got different herbicides and things like that but just realize it's not gonna be gone just with one let's say one big effort all right erdut of yet yeah good luck with attia poison ivy mike miller kmox guard hotline back after these messages this is a revolutionary change the administration moves on to a tax reform largest significant tax cuts in american history will congress getting together to get a lease let's have some honesty here lying is a growth industry head who benefits wealthy americans are not getting a tax contests fears cure poet day take league is workers will be everyday working families talk talk about who we can pay for the entire tax cut through gross on newsradio eleven twenty kmox just realize improving your.

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