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That we can share with our financial family right now well I think the biggest thing is asking yourself a simple question why is it that some people have all the locking you don't it's not really luck in fact is the idea that they have set themselves up in a way that allow them to be more strategic than most people give you an example if you look at most millionaires out there they don't sit with just one source of income they have several sources of income where most people have one source of income which you refer to Ryan is the what the J. O. B. stands for just over a borough there you go and so this is the problem when you ask somebody who's in that other side of the fence was not making their goals the biggest thing you hear all the time is you talk to someone on this side of the fence with they're gonna be saying is that they're gonna have to live off their credit cards or they're gonna have to get another job will that doesn't sound like a lot of fun to most people where if you ask someone who's on the other side of the fence in the more successful bucket they're telling you that they're trying to work less and less time is that commodity that they're trying to shoot for and so the income itself as a catalyst for that it's not going to make somebody happy having more money it is going to afford you a lot more opportunity and that's what a lot of students come here for we teach them a system this system is simply what we call saving yourself stress time energy and money we have a patented core strategy a simple step by step investments Gee that teaches students how to create a process while at the same time learning skills that allow them to actually participate in the markets like the banks do yeah and money's not gonna make it happier transform into this other person if you're a jerk you're still gonna be a jerk your nice person you're still gonna.

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