Senator Maggie Hassen, John Lewis, Cobb County discussed on Herman Cain


Hillary clinton new hampshire democratic senator maggie hassen words were disgusting an outrageous the post also obtained the january 28th transcript of an even more explosive phone call with prime minister malcolm turnbull of australia one of america's closest allies referring to a deal with the obama administration to take in refugees mr trump said i hate taking these people i guarantee they are bad they're not going to be wonderful people who go on to work for the local milk people turnbull then told the president that a deal is a deal and you are going to stick with it soon after that the president abruptly ended the call we should know that in the months since those phone calls the president has had meetings with the leaders of australia and mexico that the white house has described as productive tip for cbs news the white house wsb time is four thirty four we'll update traffic red alert on i 75 southbound near terrible aboard ex had 19 to 41 here just a moment president trump me while back to that rally west virginia urging congress to get a deal done and healthcare congress must get to work and deliver americans they're great healthcare that they deserve the president also pushed or tax reform last evening calling rush russia probe of fabrication looked tired of the rise the stock market governor jim justice also announced he switching parties joining the gop in west virginia president trump against a twoweek vacation today is golf resort bedminster new jersey not because the white house's a dump because the vacation already been played and there are some renovations going on the next fourteen days the white house we have an update now the marietta home invasion for thursday morning it turns out police now say it was a gangrelated attack and a suspect is in custody for murder investigation reveal the two men were led it and the residents were held at gunpoint the cobb county woman who killed the home invaders speaking out what happened in wsb's john lewis reports she says she she did it to protect yourself at our kids chiquita green shot and killed the home invader because she says he left her very little choice it was either him a me and i won on malkey is on air one on scene the.

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