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I need you guys before. I get to the end of this story to google rusty. Stop okay i need. You know exactly what he looks like. I'm going okay. That's fine but for those who don't know and the show and the world isn't just about you Those who don't know rusty staub. I would like for them to see visually. What this person looks like. it's very important. I know her dance going. The greatest pinch hitter in the history of major league baseball. By the way we know he asked coaching stairs. I don't know if that is the truth of what it is that you're saying i will say though that rusty staub visually and physically looked. I would say unlike anyone who has ever played baseball at the major league level because he was not only sort of heavy roly poly but he was also extremely ange and he played in those mets uniform callers so they would call him legrand or wrong. Wonder where you're going with this place that i'm doing with this. Is your father in law. Your father in law by way of compliment said that chris. Cody looks like rusty staub. And i think that he's insulting his son in law i think he is actively and aggressively trying to insult his son in law. Well wait a minute. I google rusty stop. There are a few pictures of him. That are very unflattering. But i can see. I've found a couple pictures where it's like. I could see that being me. I think i think what he said was a better looking version of my remember. He's got one of those faces that you would never forget because.

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