Hateley Hanson, Jakulan Crowley, Donald Trump discussed on Kentuckiana's Morning News


It is clear in thirty two this morning. Our top story. Jefferson County public schools has delivered a preliminary list of names of teachers who took part in sick outs. Hateley Hanson reports multiple school districts across the state were forced to close due to widespread teacher absences over the past several weeks Jay CPS closed six times over a two week period. Kentucky education Commissioner Dr Wayne Lewis requested ten districts release, the names of all teachers who called in sick, the JCP s board of education called for Lewis to withdraw his request saying teachers had the first amendment right to protest the district has since in a preliminary. List of names. Haley Hanson, NewsRadio eight forty W H A S Republicans and Democrats are still at odds over the interpretation of special counsel, Robert Mueller's findings this morning, a changed political landscape in a post Muller Washington longtime. We're Gladys over President Trump and his team celebrating the conclusion of the special counsels. Twenty two month investigation that found no collusion between Trump or his campaign with Russia even complementing the man he's long accused of leading a witch hunt. Meanwhile, Democrats have intensified their efforts to get Muller's full report and have set in April second deadline to hand it over Monaco, surround surrounding ABC news Washington a man accused of shooting a Louisville metro police officer is admitting his guilt. Jakulan Crowley pleaded guilty to shooting and injuring officer Kyle Carol in two thousand sixteen a plea deal came on the same day Crowley's trial was expected to start Crowley's eighteen year. Prison sentence starts immediately. A federal ban on bump stocks the controversial attachment for rifles that can allow shooter to fire faster goes into effect today. Here's ABC's Mark Remillard..

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