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51283605 90 Now here are Todd and don 5 36 Times, Jeffries and don Prior. Yeah, You can expect to see some signs coming down on doors, you know about requiring mask and things like that, now that the CDC is changed its recommendations. Kelly Hinkle owns the Longhorn Cafe and Ron Rocket spoke with CBS Austin News this morning. And things could look a different little bit different, but not everything. I don't know if they've been vaccinated. You can't wear a mask and eat so, so we're gonna continue to wear our masks as a staff. There you go. Now, that may be happening in a lot of businesses around town, and maybe you're a business owner. Maybe you're part of the wait staff or whatever business you're part of What your new policies Now that the CDC is clear the way for you to take your mask off in most situations if you're fully vaccinated, and we get more on the story from newsman Griff Jenkins, But you know, guys, really, the messaging on this thing depends on your point. Stayed here to referring to, or even what business This is but make no mistake. This is a major milestone in its return to normalcy from the pandemic for the 35 million Americans who are fully vaccinated now. Visually, it was such a stark contrast. When we saw yesterday, President Biden wearing no mask walking up with vice president Here's to the microphone in making this announcement. Rule is very simple. Yet vaccinated or wear a mask until you do this after the CDC issues as new guidelines for those who have gotten the shot, saying you no longer have to wear mass outdoors or indoors and most settings in lifting social distancing in most gatherings, while still advising people wear masks and crowded indoor settings, like public transportation, or If you're feeling coming 19 symptoms and don't throw away the mask. The CDC is director also had a warning. This virus can be unpredictable. So if things get worse, there was always a chance. We may need to make change to these recommendations on Capitol Hill Speaker Pelosi says, Don't ditch the mask instructing House members that they must still where their mask when they are in Chamber except for when they are speaking, representative Nancy Mace had this reaction. This is the time to leader country through this crisis, and instead she's doubling down on this, and we didn't be encouraging vaccinations and show what that post backs life looks like now. Several states like New York and California have received these new guidelines, but they say they're reviewing them before unmasking anyone. And you better check with businesses before you walk in with a naked face. Major chains are taking different approaches. It appears so far. If you're headed to Starbucks, Kruger or Home Depot, it appears you better be wearing a mask at CVS or Walgreen's or Macy's. They're still reviewing their policies. But if you're headed to Disney world, you may be likely to enjoy a mask free vacation. This summer. The CEO calling the White House's announcement good news ago. That's newsman Griff Jenkins in Washington. Meet us 5 39. And you could jump in at 51283605 90. Austin City staffers plans to have a preliminary report about possible locations for designated encampments ready today. But what are these encampments like Max Moscow with the other ones Foundation is helping with the state sanctioned homeless camp known as Camp Esperanza and says what I always tell when volunteers I always tell them you're safer coming here than you are. Going and getting drunk on Sixth Street, and we all know that a lot of people go out and do that. He calls the notion that homeless people are violent of misconception, he says. People out here may look dangerous, but that's because some of them have been on the street for years and need a decades. John Cooley News Radio K O B. J the President Biden's providing an update on the Colonial pipeline restarts as we hear from Fox reporter Asia. Lee, Stronger presidents and Colonial Pipeline started its fuel operations again, saying the majority of places they service should be reaching full operational capacity. But it didn't come without that. Panic buying at the pump in a tweet colonial pipeline confirmed the restart. The Biden said the effects would not be immediately not feel the effects at the pump immediately. This is not like flicking on a light switch. They have toe safely and fully return to normal operations. This comes as fuel shortages across the East Coast have gotten worse, one source says. As of Thursday, gas stations in places like D C. The Carolinas, as well as Virginia and Georgia saw gas stations without fuel anywhere from 49 to 73%, our nation's capital, being the highest reported without gas at the pump Colonial pipeline reportedly paying $5 million in ransom money to that group. Sponsor a bill for the cyber attack, which is believed to be from Russia. The administration of Republicans say some progress is being made on an emerging infrastructure spending package. President Biden is signaling Memorial Day is a deadline to find progress on a bipartisan infrastructure package. I laid out what I thought we should be doing. How it should be paid for. The president described a 90 minute meeting with several Senate Republicans is very good, indicating a good faith effort. West Virginia Republican Shelley Moore Capito agreed. I think we all felt that he was On honest broker here in terms of wanting to actually do something together. Republicans have put forward ain't nearly $600 billion alternative to a nearly $2 trillion package proposed by the president on Capitol Hill, Jared Halpern, Fox News, Israel and Hamas continuing to engage in airstrikes overnight. In.

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