John Gruden, Las Vegas Raiders, James Harden discussed on Fox News Sunday


Decisions I make with my life I'm not here to sugarcoat any of that so he's ready to take this big financial hit What does that mean for the team because so many people were excited about what this upcoming season would bring with these incredible players at the nets have amassed Well James Harden has already said it's like okay look we respect you Kyrie This is your decision but we have to move on as a team Pretty much that's basically what he said I would think that his teammates would see this as an act of selfishness You know thinking about the team it most successful teams put weed before me And he's putting me before we He reversed it There was another story And I am so disappointed I can not begin to tell you John Gruden now the former head coach of the Las Vegas Raiders he resigned because there were several emails that came to light and he sent to the Washington football team and to the head honchos there And it also involved let's put it this way They were racist They were misogynistic They were homophobic And I put my trust in John Gruden I liked him as a coach when he won for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers the Super Bowl I liked him when he was in the booth when he was calling the games for football And now I hear all of this Scarlett I just shake my head I don't want to use the phrase well you made a mistake You made this mistake at least for what we know for over ten years Yeah it was also drip drip drip of bad news for him in that the reporting from The Wall Street Journal The New York Times little bits and pieces came out And as the reporting showed some of the comments he made you knew there was a much more than that And that's exactly what happened What I find fascinating is the degree to which there must be so many other people who share similar views as him because this had happened years ago and these were just kind of casually included in email conversations And they were uncovered because of something else entirely right I mean the NFL was looking into workplace misconduct involving the Washington football team There's nothing to do with Jon Gruden and then they kind of came across this But this is part of just what's available in the archives and you wonder how much more is in there if anyone were to dig around The athletic is reporting that he will have to forfeit his salary now he signed a ten year $100 million deal is in the fourth year of that so somewhere a little bit south of $70 million according to the athletic would be forfeited by John Gruden Well let's get to something back to being happy Yeah let's go Let's come back to Boston Yeah let's go back to I can't even do a good boss Boston Leave it to lynch And go to Fenway Park and watch a game Thanks to the show we speak with Boston Red Sox president Sam Kennedy That is straight ahead on Bloomberg business of sports I'm Michael Barr You can follow me on Twitter at big bar sports I'm scarlet fu I'm on Twitter at scarlet fu And I'm Mike lynch You can call me on Twitter at making these silly beats Okay I'll give you some Detroit Don't forget that's the best Don't forget to catch our podcast Mondays Wednesdays and Thursdays on.

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