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Did not only did whoever head that story and didn't write it should be held responsible i want to know what kind of dollars were spared from the weinstein company in from miramax you knew you did you knew he was a pig you news a horrible human being you know it's it's it's it's the michael jackson thing where you know michael i you guys can't accuse michel sabbah was never proven that the budget ally would you like your kids day there now george clooney's like i would love to know i thought he was a bully would you let your wife hang out with them never you knew you did everybody did everybody in hollywood did and there's going to be twenty other directors and writers and other all getting thrown out now and then there is a fear right they're all just quaking in their boots whose nachshon everybody's going back to their memory ranked that it did it did it one night drunk at a party antigraft some girls asked that i that i do something you let's go let's get a cost me my career because of something maybe you do you can't just got i didn't hole it's like hanging out with dracula guy i didn't know you drank blood i thought you were a vegan no is so stupid let me come on husted pretty stupid do you think they think we are apparently very i mean because new and you didn't know everybody knew it's amazing it really is amazing said there'd scratch my head that the best you and you're the best acting the anybody is going to put on this year you guys want to hear it you want to hear what should win the academy award this right here he's mean to work with i knew that for a fact but the idea that he's in a committed these kinds of atrocities island i want to know who knew whoever head that story that didn't write it should be held responsible i wanna know what kind of ad dollars were spent from the weinstein company and from mir max for the academy award of being full of crap goes to.

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