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Lightings changing Strobe lights smoke coming out one one three-storey four story. Brownstone had big octopus tentacles coming out of it with a bucket nearby pirate ship thing going on carries houses decorated John Carey in Louis Berg school. I don't know if he's there, but it's cool Louis square. He see. That's that's where the real bridge. People live up there. It's. So beautiful. Now, what's the downside that wanna be negative? But I couldn't help the feeling these feelings, maybe it's just me. But I go up there, and I'm thinking, wow, here AM wander around looking at things talking to people I can never hang around with looking at places, I can never really be be. They can ever really be part of my life. I'm just kind of some low life, dude. Looking through the glass at a at a life. Never have at least me feeling kinda like. Wow. Why even go there? Why even subject myself to being reminded of how rich these people are and how I will never live in a place like that. I can't even afford the candy. They have. There was one couple of people. Between them they bought nine hundred bucks with candy and ran out. So what they had to do is send some other people out to trick or treat to get more candy. How about that? That's right ran I've. By the way, shout to the beacon hill civic association. They had a nice table set up some nice cider. It was very nice. And I talked to them. About supplying a guest to talk about the architecture on beacon hill. Another thing. I might do is might try to get Anthony. Some Marco to go out for a walk with me up there. And we'd scout out some buildings and he talked about him to me. And then we share our experience on the radio talk about history of certain buildings. I could Facebook Facebook. We could we could Facebook live that interaction. That's a good call Mark level. That's a Levada. Call nice job. For example. Oh as another thing that's good about it. Since the residents, the people that live there and own there are into it these houses that are usually shut up tight, and you never get a peek into their life or ever get to talk to them. They're proud of their place, and it's open, and this they're the people a lot of times giving out the candy. Numerous times, I stopped. At a at an unbelievable building and said, what can you tell me about the history of this building? And it was so happy to go. Oh my God. Well, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. There was a place. Pump Pinkney in the in the single digits. I don't know if it's cool to say an address I don't wanna say pink thing. Top of the hill. It was a two story, plus a dormer which had been added on in the civil war. That's added on in the civil war during the civil war. The person told me there's only been five owners. He was they were the fifth owner of a place. That's been that was built in seventeen eighty three. That's what he told me. And they kept it. You should see the window panes, and you should see the staircase. The staircase is practically straight up. It's unbelievably steep and old school still has Claburn as many many coats of paint. And she talked about the original owners what they did. It's pretty easy to trace the history of a place. It's only had five owners say quick Hello to fill in Dorchester had fell. Hi, Bradley, Jay, I I was thinking about our movies. And there's a bunch of really moody kinda low key black and white movies from the late forties early nineteen fifties. Collectively as Val Luton film. Jelly WTO N, but they include cat people. I love the dead. I walked for the Joel Embiid. If you haven't seen any of those I think they're worth a shot foul Luton L E W T O N was the man's best time. He he was a producer that worked for our KOA radio pictures any he had this formula for fairly low budget, very effective scary movies. This dude. You're not slashing bloody movie say they hinted things, but they're they're pretty good. I don't feel. Thanks. Appreciate that. And also the British film mile get of night, if you ever get a chance to see that. That's that's a really remarkable scary movie to appreciate the two heads up. Thanks, phil. You know what I forgot to do? Folks, we had a request from somebody. Who wanted Betty Everett wanted to get the address to father Brian's church in Dorchester father, Brian I forgot to shine the light to get you the call, but during the crossover can you just call Mark if you're up giving the address to your church because this woman wanted to go in Dorchester just giving the address and hopefully he can tell me in during the maybe during the crossover some point. I can give that address. Okay. Father, Brian if you're up can you call Mark six hundred seven two five four ten thirty. If you're not at the gym already. All right. I gotcha. I think I have a new member of the flock. I hope she's she may come over from Everett. Okeydoke? Let's check in with Josh binswanger. After this on WBZ. JJ,.

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