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So something that would be super inappropriate where we live isn't necessarily what super inappropriate here and you can't tell the people that are experiencing. It that it is inappropriate and they just don't realize it or something like there's something a little arrogant about that. Right? Like if someone saying Oh. Yeah. We joke about sex all the time at work and I don't give a shit who am I to say well, no, you have to give a shit and you're wrong and you should you should suffer from that. That's a weird declaration to make a little bit right. anyways it was just it was clear I found it to be a very clear difference. Yeah agreed it's different. We're all in our bubbles. That's Really are bubbles anyway Eric went through this little above what happened with him but he did crisper to remove this HIV gene and it was just don necessary and he went to jail and he's a rogue scientist a mad scientists. Do you think when he gets released a move to an island and become like a Dr Evil type double seven villain I hope we could use a couple more villains. And he could create like superstrong humans that are impervious HIV. Gonorrhea this guy must have suffered for some STD's I gotTA. I WANNA live in a world without these? Change in the world one gene at a time on gene any time was that all the facts that is, Oh, well I miss you I. Miss You. I'm having so much fun but I also miss you and I. Think you would be having fun here too. There's lots of steak eaten yesterday I love steak. Yeah and I, love a donut yeah. How many donors did you eat? Just tell us that twenty eight between the two of us. So each had fourteen full-size. Full days coated in. Cinnamon. We got half dozen, the first, half dozen, the second stop, a couple dozen, the third stop but still only eight and a half dozen, and then on the fourth stop, they were even better than we were expecting. We thought we were only have another half dozen but when we ended up eating for there, and then when we got home we we split one right before bed at one am. Yeah you guys are really really Vero. That's the only variety we have left. I Love You love you love you. To God is he look good look at that? Monica I know it's crazy. Screen grab of yourself right now please. Show me what a what a shot. Show. I. Miss Her baby so much will you give her a kiss? You know what I'll be honest I went into my house, the other day and I was scared to look. Out Why I'm afraid. She's GONNA get hair. That's. Scary. Oh Man alrighty I love you have you..

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