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With safeties were literally 30 yards off the ball. Explain that theory it And how much do you think that that mess Mahomes up? Oh, it first of all traffic in the homes had never seen the type of rush or recently hadn't seen that type of pressure where he had to scramble and by carrying those safety. They stay on the hash marks. So you have 22 safeties on the hash mark, and they just say is deepest possible. Your cornerbacks play what's called the flat area and they're responsible for The run and just things that come out in the flight, but where they were so good is that pass rush? This allowed Kansas City. They have that big strike and when you have those trunk plays Number one is the moralizing and number two. You're having that change of possession change the field. You know, Kansas City could score a lot of points, but it's just what they called it. The Tampa two and this is a basic defense is it's a defense this random, high school college and it's really basic, but the key can you gotta have the personnel to play it. And you gotta have the pass rush that protecting the back in Yeah. Pass Rush was unbelievable. I mean, they run that they run that defense and I look at it there, Linebacker I'm telling Devon White Is a player. I would put him on any one of my football teams I ever coach. He is just a flat out player. I love his game all their linebackers Avery good. And a secondary. You know, Tim, they're not great. I mean, they're they're They're okay. 20 four's a good player. They were talking about how he's got good closing speed. He got picked on a lot this year, but you know, they're not. They're not outstanding in the secondary, but they really don't have to be because of that front seven. Do they? Though they don't and that's the whole key. If you're going to be weak on the back end like Tampa is they don't play man to man. They know they don't blitz a lot, but their front seven is so dominant at the line of scrimmage that you can again protect those players on the back end. You did not see them call for their quarterbacks to play Tyreek Hill or or Travis Kelsey one on one What they did. They play kind of a bad bracket coverage, and they just did not let them get behind them and have that big. Those big plays. Tyree Kill seven catches 73 yards. I think when they met in week, 12 years, something like 208 yards. It was I mean, they really cap down on it. Patrick Holmes is amazing. I that that guy can make plays. I've never seen anyone make falling down, throwing it. A lot of it was just here. Let me throw this thing and see if somebody can catch it. Rather than take a snap a sack. But again, I think we see How important an offensive line is and to draw a parallel here in Cincinnati. If there was ever a compelling reason. Why why to take what this offensive line and the inadequate L offensive line. It's been since the departure of Andrew Whitworth. If we ever needed anything else to tell us what happens when you don't have players to block to allow place to develop If it wasn't Joe Burrow getting hurt. It was last night because they took the most effective quarterback in the NFL and neutered that guy. I think it just highlights here. They better get busy starting today, either with free agency drafting trading, whatever it may be. To rebuild that offensive line, and you saw the opposite with Tampa. Tampa's offensive line was terrific. I think this was yet another indication of what the Bangles absolutely have to do this offseason. There's no question about it. First of all the best office of line. Are the outfits alignment that don't get talked about because they're doing their job. That's number one number two. If you if you go back to yesterday's game, the one thing we were Clamoring that we were hoping and praying and wishing that didn't happen is my home gets hurt, especially at the latter part of the game. It was a saying It was kind of days are good job, bro. Get him out of the game. OK, the game's over with because he is getting absolutely annihilated. So once again, there's one way to neutralize. Great quarterback, and that's having him throwing under pressure and he was under oppressive the entire night, which again like you said it is so important for the Bangles to understand and accept. Their discretion at the offensive line and not to be their focal point of the off season as it pertains to free agency draft and developed and development of that last aspect that we definitely need to happen. You can get him in here. But if you don't develop them to be good players, well, what did that do? You just got names and body so They're going to have to do that. They're gonna have to get these guys all on the same page. But definitely upgrade needs to happen because you can't just start players and Joe Mixon and Joe Burrows and You just There's so much from the from the skills for this is that they have, but you can't utilize them if you don't have those big guys up front. That's exactly right. We're chatting with Tim McGee. The glorious number 85 here is we talk about the Super Bowl yesterday. I think it's stunned. A lot of people. All of the majority the bets online and in Vegas were on Kansas City, but the heavy money was on Tampa so the smart guys must have known something, Tim You sound foolish sometimes when you get on the radio, which, for me is almost all the time And you say things like, Well, the Bangles are only a couple of players or they need to do this. If they do this, all of a sudden, they're a different team. And but it's true. They have their have their franchise quarterback. I mean, you first of all, you have to have that if you don't, then you're just in a wilderness. But I think it just highlights And if you're ju dishes, if you're if you're lucky, first of all with injuries, and you don't have DJ reader get hurt like he did this year. You don't have Gino Atkins play limited playing time like he played this year. If you're if you're judicious with your drafting, and as you say you're developing and you get a little bit of luck with injury, and the bucket here certainly did this year. I think the only major injury that team has they lost tight and O. J. Howard very early in the season, but they're really in the NFL. You're not that far away. If you're strong and key positions, the Bangles have a wealth of things to him. We know they're wide receivers. We know Joe Mixon. We know Joe Burrow. We know on defense. They've got some wonderful players. Jesse Bates is a terrific player reader, I think could have been a a mega star this year if he had stayed healthy. They're not that far away, but they gotta play the game. Smart..

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