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Of academia evolves to survive being treated with antibiotics which means that diseases that we thought we had under control might soon become very dangerous once again and if you travel like we do and have a child like we do live in a city like we do you come into contact with bacteria everywhere you go really this issue affects us all and i just got over my latest cold so there have been several resistant superbugs that already have been recorded and some of the most shocking have been to illnesses that we thought that we had under control those days when we could completely rely on biotics are gone says sally davies the uk's chief medical officer if you go back to alexander fleming's nobel prize acceptance speech he got the nobel prize for discovering penicillin and he described how resistance would happen and people would die as a result when i looked after patients i stopped in two thousand thousand and six it was a problem for the will always other antibiotics but by twenty thirteen that had changed can you explain how antibiotic resistant bacteria evolves antibiotic resistance is actually a normal reaction of the bacteria they meet an antibiotic they're always mutating that he's changing their genes as they have children and if by chance one of those mutations or changes that occurred naturally allows bacteria to grow in the presence of the antibiotic you have got a resistant gene bacteria multiply every twenty minutes so you can see how it spreads like wildfire meanwhile bacteria have found ways where they can give that resistant gene to their brothers sisters aunts uncles so they to pulse it on to their children so once you've got that mutation that protects the bacteria against an antibiotic it pulses too many generations awfully quickly it's natural selection in action.

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