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Hill eric snow. Can you name the six sixer. Who played twenty seven minutes. Alan iverson become matombo. Aaron mckie tyrone hill air as was jemaine jones. Wow he played thirty minutes in a game. Seven really really not stack back then. Even looking at toronto they had carter internal davis oakley avenue. Williams peterson than the bench. Was child's curry and jerome williams and that was considered to be like a deep team. It just the talent was just kinda not. They're not like. I said when i got an up close look at them in the finals and i saw that team to the finals. He was the mvp. Well here's another. What's asia where speaking of that year We always talk about. Oh two lakers kinks. How that was the fishies te playoff series. We had from that weird era from like ninety nine two three where every year there was a really fishy series Ever forget about philly and milwaukee in two thousand one philly shoots one hundred. Eighty six free throws compared to one hundred twenty free throws from walkie twelve to three in technical fouls for wacky five zero and flagrant s-. We saw two games swing on a controversial lane violation and then to know calls. Glen robinson doesn't attempt to free throw game five during the series carl ray allen or find a combined eighty five thousand dollars search for claiming to the reporters that the series is rigged and milwaukee losers in seven. And it's it's pretty bad and if you've if you've ever been a bucks fan who is there during then bring that series and just watch him go for five minutes they go fucking crazy. The league wanted iverson the finals. Now he delivered but it say it has an age great. Funny i don't remember much of that series. I was off covering the lakers. And then i will. They did finish early so i was able to catch the last couple of games. I remember i went out to watch to do something during game seven. I recorded it on my vcr asc. And and ray allen has a shot to send it in overtime to win it at the end of the game right and yeah yeah and the shots and my vcr cut off the shots in the air and my vcr ran out of tape right. At that moment. I had to turn on. Espn is is another thing. That sounds almost as outdated espn news and turn on espn news. Said to get the score and see who won the gal man. Remember that when you look up stuff on your phone. Yeah i was like. Oh my god what happened and i had to turn on. Espn news and see who won that series. Next category is too early to late. Just did he show up too. Early did show up too late or did you show just right just for what his career was. I think he's like the ultimate just right guy. I loved when he showed up in the league. I i love that. Connection of what else was going on. And in just in america at the time and what he meant as things evolved over the next twelve years and I don't know. I think it's the perfect time his style till he wasn't a great three point shooter. I don't think he ever would have been yeah. He was physical guard. Who got to the line and just made sense in the air that he played right. There's no way he gets drafted number one in this era right now but i guess the the counter would be would he be shooting like ten thousand. Three's a day in this era and would would you be modeling game after they james harden and we are just like free throws and threes. That's it but the thing is. I don't wanna watch version of iverson. I love that angles. I love his little eight-footers in his floaters and he had crashed into people. Like i. i would wanna lose that and the thing is. He loves to be in the gym but he didn't love to be in the gym. Getting up a thousand threes. He love playing right. It's so a lot of people we talk about off the plate in this era. They just want you more like isaiah thomas. I think we all can agree. If you played. Now he'd be a better three point he'd take more and he'd make more. Yeah i'm always said about on iverson. Yeah perfect i think. He's just right next categories nerd corner. We mentioned the minutes per game so career regular season minutes per game leaders will chamberlain forty five point. Eight bill russell. Forty two point three oscar robertson. Forty two point. Two allison forty one point one four. It's all time but it's brigade is five foot in the next two guys are eligible or jerry west. So it's basically post one thousand nine hundred seventy he's this complete outlier for minutes or like. Well what was the playoffs. different here. The playoff minutes per game will chamber and forty seven point two number one bill russell. Forty five point four. Alan iverson forty five point. One business insane. He didn't come out games. He he was a point guard going to the line nine to ten nine to ten eleven times. A game Doing everything and didn't come out. No wonder his career ended so fast but as an just boxers the only other kind of modern guy in the top thirteen for playoff minutes is Lebron forty one point six. So he's he's a tank right. Next category is was he a one of one. I'm going to say unquestionably in fact. That's my word was going to be absolutely. Yeah i seeing him in person. It was kind of the for the first time you're like. What is this what's happening. This guy's so fast. I it was the speed that was in person separated him and there's only been a couple of guys accurate. Remember like that. we're like oh my god. That guy's fast and westbrook is similar and he plays with a similar energy. But westbrook is more physically overpowering yet. And i listen is just this wisp that you can't catch up to. Yeah unintentional comedy wrinkle. Here we go practice practice this This happened you know when this happened during the two thousand one playoffs. Oh so the season ends for them. Right two thousand one or two no. There's no two two thousand two thousand two thousand. I the reason i remember is. Because i'm with the lakers and are playing sacramento. So actually. that's the conference semifinals. So the middle of the second round the playoffs plan sacramento. And i will never forget shack reacting to the practice rant and thinking. It was the most hilarious thing ever. He couldn't get over it so he goes in the first round right. Yeah they lose to boston in best five in a game. Five a game. I went to grad. Ceos there.

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