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Musketeer fans Ace Your next renovation with beautiful endurable surfaces from for Micah brand visit for michael dot com to find out where to buy in support. Local business. Joe's a bridge defense is good enough in this game. I mean they they've held Bradley to 14 points, but the problem has been their offense. They've not scored the last Six minutes and 49 seconds. They've got to get to the free throw line. Bradley is doing a great job defensively against the Musketeers. A bridge flustered right now. Xavier's got five turnovers. They got five Phil Gold still Um, on Lee. Two players for Xavier have scored filled gold. So Xavier's got a stop selling permit brain shot and get to the basket, try to get to the free throw line. Johnson went down for the Musketeers will give it up the O'odham along the sideline, finding the right 0.16 on the shot clock for the Musketeers. Paul Scrubs. Top of the key, working behind a screen from Fremantle fires back to Fremantle. He's open for three. You give Xavier the lead give the assistant Paul Scruggs Pick on a flare in the three point shot. Zero leads 15 14 with 6 40 to play in the first hand, when you need a bucket, you go to your two best players, Paul Scrubs and Freeman Toe on a nice little two man game. Master Fire three point shot Heavy off the back iron at 6 FT. Nine big man firing away in the past. Armies from the left point to the right side of the floor. Top of the key Johnson work with trying to feed the free mental download out of Paul Scruggs back to Johnson, looking for free mail, trying to post up on the right block. It's bounced into Fremantle, measuring the situation, turned shoots and misses a bank shot from about 6 FT. Away. And the ball's knocked out of bounds. Last touch by East That's a nice play, actually free mental makes that shot. I'm gonna say eight out of 10 Times, Joseph Bradley is getting away with switching underneath the basket in East Sean East. The 63 Point guard has been matched up on Xavier's Biggs a couple times in this game is Ava has not been able to consistently take advantage of that. Remailer bowling score for the Musketeers with 12 points. He's five of eight from the field. Xavier leads by 1 15 14 5 59 to play for the first time working against his own here. Buy scrubs into the paint back outside, told him, he drives the paint close up of floater rolls across the room falls off on the left side rebound taken by Henry for the Bradley Braves across the time line. Now Henry hasn't his hands As the hand it off. Kingsbury. He's covered up. Give it up. No. One between the legs dribble. Nolan bounces it down low inside the mass left hook shot. It's too hard, no good. That was off the back plans rebound taken by Odom. He races that across the time line. Right side of the four back out. Top of the key to Fremantle working against Amanda, Man this time top of the key Johnson Fremantle, right side of the floor. Hands it off the Paul scrub scrub space, right? Drives the language to the rent, Hang shoot, saying he's knocked to the ground. The shot is not good, but he'll be at the line for two. That's what I'm talking about there. Xavier that time was able to turn the corner and get to the basket off. A little dribble. We've action on the wing Paul Scrubs is really capable of that. He's a good free throw shooter, really physical and long arms a lot of times last year, Joe they would try to post him up. Inside, even though he's a guard. Like to see makings. Avery go to him a little bit more here while they're struggling to get going offensively, it's been just the two man to man Dale for Xavier up to this point. Been Paul Scrubs in exact Freeman really one man game. Xavier. It's been Zack Freeman knows he's got 12 16 points for Saving Scruggs. First free throw is good second one on the way you could hear that one. Just as good as the first one. Nothing but net on both those we goes two for two. Savior now as a team is three out of four from the free throw line, all attempts by Paul Scrubs drugs He has three points and savior and leads 17 to 14 506 to go in the first half. Boy with the basketball back to the basket, watching cutter swarm around him. Now he tried to feed in the low post is deflected and drive after the ball was loose by Kingsbury drove the left lane. Flew across under the bucket. Finished with the nice right hand reverse bank it off the glass. Good for two. It's a one point lead again for the Musketeers, 17 to 16 4 43 to play. Top of the key now left side of the floor. False rugs penetrates underneath, knocked out of his hands regains the ball passes it across the lane. To Carter slip through his hands is a pile up on the floor, I believe will be a jump ball. That's the case, it would be Bradley's basketball. Bradley is really their defense is the swarm is forming a little post Joe and I think savers making two. You're trying to pass too close to the basket. It's almost as if they don't realize how close they are. That's that's about three or four times where Xavier's had the ball into the paint. And has tried to drop it off as opposed to go ahead and go ahead and take the shot. That's the cumulative effect of Bradley's pressure. Xavier's They're speeding up Xavier, hoping to have five turnovers in the ball game drive to the free throw line. But what's going.

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