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You out there and if you own other investments besides that fidelity target date fund you are really running a huge risk of getting totally screwed in two different ways so run do not walk to investingsensecom type zip set a time to meet with local adviser because we need to build a portfolio for you that could be cheaper less risky and more personalized than what you have right now with these fidelity funds i've got to be honest i'm still just blown away by the loss in the freedom twenty twenty fund that's two years away from retirement it so is this the first time that fidelity has has made changes like this now it's not the first time so go back to the cnbc article okay they sam reading from it it's not the first time fidelity has been criticized for strategy changes that unsettled investors and analysts so morningstar looked at it and they looked at fidelity's changes in in their allocation of stocks between nineteen ninety six and two thousand ten and in morningstar's words they described the changes as quote shocking quote seemingly chaotic right and this isn't a twenty two thousand eleven morningstar report on the target date fund industry so you have to realize that you know there's some people out there that it's not clear what fidelity is doing or why they're doing it so there is but go back to that twenty twentyfive there is no way that that fund should be dropping as much as it did back in early february you got people two years out of retirement and really one of the biggest risks that an investor faces in that time is a big market drop right before retirement coming up on the show we're going to keep working to help you find lowcost investments with a low risk level that's actually aligned with your own personal needs and goals and comfort level.

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