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Goodness we have so much news going on today. It's insane if you didn't hear by the way this is just kind of coming out. The i believe. I can't believe it. Kendrick green is siamese contract. Holy cow there. We go right here on. let's ride. Let's ride podcast kind of breaking news. this is from jason bernstein congrats to the fridge. Fifty-three that would be a kendrick rains. Twitter handle on signing his contract with the steelers so kudos to kendrick green. The kudos the steelers forgetting all nine of their draft picks locked up all my gosh. I can't believe it. it's it's finally done. Everyone's been asking me on this for weeks. What the heck's taking so long what the heck taking so long here it is here. It is finally done so good news. Congratulations to Kendrick green for sure on that that was And i've been waiting for that to happen. I talked about a lot about the pre rate that we had done all right so like i said he told me on twitter at j hartman underscore p. I t. every tuesday. I was a little bit late today. Getting this tweet out. Based on the fact that i was taking wallpaper off the wall in the house. Which by the way whoever invented wallpaper. I'd like to have a conversation with you. I'm sure they're not alive anymore but still that is kind of like cruel and unusual punishment. I've done it before. It's not my first time. But my gosh awful absolutely awful. If you're someone out there. I i just bought a house and i need to. I need to take the wallpaper off steak week. Take week in egypt chip away a little bit of the time anyways. So i've kind of forgot about it. I put the the tweet up. Wait but my writer. Diker obviously never let me down. And some people. Like for instance the first question from michael beck. He's mr blue checkmark. Michael beck because look at me. That's a this is michael. This is why i envisioned michael on twitter is because now he has a blue check and he's verified and he thinks he's so important he says jack and with michael valet. He's who's the most annoying number on the bts's slack channel and you're not allowed to save me so well michael that's it. Those are just now listening. Like what is the slack channel. It is a way for an organization to communicate. And you can have an app on your phone. You can also have it on your laptop or desktop. It's a great way for someone like me. Who runs a website and has that might say in the podcast as well. We have channels and we can definitely go in. And it's one of those situations where they have A we all chime in and sometimes it's just for fun. I had to be honest though. I'm gonna say brian. Anthony davis is. I can't say michael back. I'm gonna go with brian. Ent davis is the most annoying member on the slack channel the good brian. Will he so sporadic okay. So hill chime in with news that is. I don't know two hours old and we've already published the story. Had it on facebook. Page user clanking in brian to send the link. Hey guys did you see again. And we have this article sometimes. Activating brian's also a little bit late on a lot of things. Still i if i depict that to all day every i like all the people on our staff short. Eric says the league didn't do much in regards to the whole brady. Mc l. injury not being reported yet. The steelers got reprimanded quite a bit for not disclosing. There's favortism at its finest extenuating circumstances so When you look at this the league didn't do much regret he's talking about the brady he Now it's coming out that he tore his mc l. Have surgery in. The offseason was pretty legitimate knee injury. And he's asking what the heck because the steelers with ben roethlisberger doesn't nineteen his elbow and they sit. There was never reported. They were david. Castro's injury that was another big story. Which oh my gosh. This ankle injury was lingering. And now you've got cut because of its What is the deal there in. So i can see where eric is thinking. Well what's going on here. Where where are these two sides coming from. And i honestly don't know that much about the buccaneers story. I don't know if he was ever on the injury report. That's what they need. That's what they're looking for when pittsburgh got reprimanded because of lady on del. This was his groin injury. I think it was two thousand sixteen when they got reprimanded were fine. They might have gotten to that. It's because they never reported the injury so in this case if they did report the brady had a knee injury and even if you just missed portions of practice than absolutely. They're fine they're fine. That's what it all comes down to. It comes down to the team saying okay. So let's go back to jim. Sixteen news that okay. Hey lady on coin injury. We don't think it's gonna hurt him too much in terms of participation helped he should be good to go then. They're fine than they talked about. They put it on an injury report. That's the big thing kit. Ask confident in our tackle depth after chaz green signing reports of dan more being slow to learned many camp not as surely developmental only this year. Are we comfortable with only. Hey backup. Chaz his nfl experience but injuries saxon pressures allowed or not good. This is this is tough meeting answer for multiple reasons. Hey does have a lot of experience and chas. his numbers. Don't look great on paper at the same time. These are different systems. You have a new coordinator new offensive line coach. I'm going to hold judgment on any offensive line whether that's kendrick greenwood. That's pj finney. Joe hague you name. It doesn't matter..

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