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First of all. That's what I thought was building. I'm just I'm I'm gonna track person. Now, I decided I looked in the mirror said it's time to stop being a nerd do. You have a better job and all the I absolutely one hundred percents. Yeah. It's time to start using it. So yeah, I'm just put some Ronald kit. My jaw you can figure. Pearling is a body. Mod set. Undergo where do I already? Traditionally you would cut the top of the shaft and Chevy Pearl in there. So you have a nice little bump rid from. I get it. Yeah. But it's take another form since then like adding ribs and stuff under the skin coup when you get to bang it hits all the right spot. Whatever whatever it takes, you know, need all the help we can get now the sex is hard nowadays daughter about it expectation. And now I supposed to do women have Twitter accounts, and they can just speak Twitter ruined expect to come. Now. They Want want to to come come aboard. more than once time ridiculous? Only do one like what is this a quality? Do you mean four minutes? I got a I got to get back. Go player picks legends. No victory or else should be. Like put something like Apoel underneath your skin. So it's a totally sick body. Ma there was a there was an article from a lady who had slept with a member of the CASA who had been curled except she described the experiences being she was more distracted by banging a bona fide gangster than concentrating on the sensation of. About writing about bang. Flex. Yes. She just wanted to talk about fucking. Okay. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Game of thrones. Speaking of people doing weird things that are Dicks. I have I have a theory. That's valid. And despite the despite the incendiary in click bait nature of the title and intro this. I think it's somewhat substantiated so game of thrones. He's aids coming around last season of game of thrones. Also, the end of an era for HBO general. There's some headlines let me throw up here. This was from CNBC posted February twenty eight twenty nine hundred HBO CEO, Richard Lepper who has been the Butler. Sorry. Yeah. For the CEO for thirty years. Dick, dick, he's out. Amidst a broad restructuring of the company under new parent AT and T which is a little familiar to us. We love eighteen because there are. There was a lot of speculation that this would happen because of a bit of an incident and a town hall some months ago, this was posted July eighth twenty eighteen when HBO is being on the verge of being incorporated into Time Warner when they use overseas as a corporate title overseer. Yeah. Very just. Crafts. So this this relates to John stanky Joe Jones. Thank. Thank dick leave. They would have names like that. Tucker boner? Yeah. Chief executive of Warner media we've had small hands with with the J stank juice thinks of eighteen. Uh-huh. For making fun of you. Parent company. Around for much longer. But he he basically had a pretty tense exchange with clip ler. Dick, dick club. Dick club, we call up where essentially, stinky, this is going to be difficult. Thank you, basically said that HBO has to change to the tune of cranking out more content in an effort to capture the reviewer's attention on a minute by minute basis. HBO go to game of thrones. Westworld over berry Silicon Valley, John Oliver. Oh tonight tonight. Yeah. So the idea is that HBO as a as a business model focused on booty productions they would quality over quantity, and essentially stink. J stank is up in the mix. Two fingers in the mix basically saying no, you guys got mix it up. Now. It's more about quantity, we have to capture our viewers attention..

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