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Now rosen. Seat has been pretty bad like this has been pointed career. Girls made that for. Yeah like i haven't liked how they've played this to get here like the path getting here considering all the heat of these who had on social media and the bill and the excitement with fdr joining a. W they fumbled the ball here. The one thing that. I really really really don't like about this match. Is that new stipulation that if they lose just like cody they'll never challenge for the w title again. I don't like this shit. It's dome was doing it. Why why go through all this to walk back later. Like i don't getting like this has been poorly built because now the angled back to the young bucks being baby faces. Fdr being the heels fdr has always been the heels. But this is. This is just strange man. Like i think this match going to deliver. I think they kind of know that they have to and but the wind outcome. I don't think you could take the titles off. Fdr right now. i'll be you should know. It's this is the first true pay per view title defense. There's so many other teams. They could be feuding with but that stipulation makes me say well how the hell can you have the young books. See what cody. I get it. Because the have and t. title and he can do something else. What do you do with the young bucks of the champions at some point if they can never be champions. That seems ridiculous. It does seem ridiculous. I i dunno tully. Blanchard has banned from ringside. Maybe that plays a part in it comes out to enter. I don't wanna see these shenanigans. I don't think we're gonna need to see tully. I think they'll do a shenanigans free match if they don't that's shame on them like this needs to be straight up like killer s match needs to be you know what i'm going to pick the books just because i can't figure out why they will put this dumb stipulation in here. It's really getting under my skin. So i'm going to pick the bucks i that they have to either your champs a bus like you can't have arguably one of the greatest tag team pro wrestling never compete for the title again deep. Can't do this shit twice your code. So i'm just pick the book yet. They would find a way down the down line to explain why they get another title. Shot i've go. Fdr moves it on your first paper. I don't think they should. But we'll see dumped stipulation. I think they win. Though i just i hope it's a really really good match and fdr's giving me some okay matches. They haven't given us giving me a yeah. They haven't given us to one. This has to be that. I don't care who wins. This has to be that. And then cody versus darby. Allin code is gonna win man okay. It's kodiak pay per view. Cody must bleed though. How about that. he's going to believe. So here's my complaint. He's gonna win. I'm playing as much as i like. Aws a lot of shit that happened. Lightly cody closing out dynamite this week and cutting a promo on darby at the end because that's a match that has zero heat going into it. Felt very grand standish in unnecessary because the main event and the segment between those two should have closed dynamite. But they tried to make us care about this matching. It's hard because there's been no interaction between darby cody. There's no heat is cordless had a new opponent. Every two weeks right and i get it with the open challenge shit but eventually you need a feud for this title and i thought this was going to be with brodie. Lee brodie lee is. We haven't seen him in weeks. Nah your they when you lose a championship match. you're gone. Yeah like they cool you all the way down and then build you back up. So it's no losing and then okay. I'll see you at the next pay per view with stakes out. You ever forget to a blood feud i don't know they. They have to figure this thing out with the title now so. I'm gonna pick coding to win. Because just doesn't make sense for darby to beat him right now because there's just not enough on the line you know who should be cody. Pack arch castano pack. All packs gonna come back. He should be cody. The problem is is that. I don't think i don't think this what he's returning. No he's returning for moxley yip which means we'll get to that that they're about to do it to me again and i'm so upset but we'll get to Yeah picking code next match. Hang mavericks kenny omega. Best match of the night. Kenny omega is going to win. This shit's going to be pan quality. Kenny omega i have nothing bad to say about this match eight. Listen i love drunk. Hangman paid. I think he found something. Think he's amazing. They did this once when they started up hangman. Got the nod. it's kenny time. Yeah i agree a degree. That and i love that. It's a future awa world championship match. Not immediate right. I think this is the moment this what i said about cancer. You gotta show up. This is kenny's moment we've been waiting. We've been sitting here going all right. Kenny we get. You can't sit at the top already. We get you're not new japan kenny. Yet you need to be new japan kenny. Now because if you're not i up. Yeah i have no doubt that you will know how machine and full i think this match. Kenny wins. But it also really elevates page because page as good as he has been he has not been a personal. We've talked about having great singles matches so and we know he has it in him to. We've seen them have matches in these tags. He's been great. This is going to be the match..

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