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Mccown while he was two thousand eleven okay summer of two thousand eleven so it was at that point that so you needed to assault looking at bringing mole other farmers and out socio tree and Was that easy finding other people that met. You'll kind of criteria. I guess yeah it. It was is because there's lots of the same type of systems in the Westcountry James New So we you. We were very lucky. In the fact that we govern kind of handpicking approach femmes in. You know they were following the the right breed them. I'm with the right system. The right diet and we'd guidance stand on the farm and cheese united is animals and it was It was fantastic and in the end we ended. Ah People was still on knocking on the door. Probably get new producer every week saying you say it isn't so chatting about them a little bit On your website and I think in some of the some of the stuff about stewart the chicken farm regularly as we are sort of What's the word kind of a good benchmark of the kind of thing why why is why is house Jewish farms the right approach? And can you just tell us a little bit about him and yeah sure. Yeah we love G. He's worked he. We were with with Steve for five five. Six years now So he originally had a a chicken farmer who eventually I think went out of business. So I'm I'm sue is no organic free range. And I'm he's based just outside of radstock he does poetry including some game as well so he does giessen Texas at Christmas Rajdeep met him last week to talk about being on the ground since July. The Turkeys these free range chicken farmer and he's top of his game he's as a young guy family farm and he believes in free range chicken being Influx of two hundred making. The chickens are out today outside. He's creating habitats which encourage them to go outside and he's giving it's an it's not gonNA false. Grind chicken breed like a Ross's process Costs would white slavery breed And he he's wearing them out tonight seventy days which is double the amount you would find on some even free range chickens and seek Malkin. mazing so I I think chickens is always an example we give and I'm. I'm still not entirely happy with the compromise that we might but we're working on this but the kind of standards of chicken kind of worst case scenario maybe imported from Thailand injected with a saline solutions drawing water and add weight. And all that kind of stuff then you you got your thirty five chicken. Gross quickly even developed legs and ends up. Scientists over fifty six days seems to be the next level up of which there were even some alleged alleged free range retro which will come onto in a minute because some questions around that and then yeah seven days is the kind of the keys scenario. I suppose you mentioned him. Not being organic organic is a conscious decision. Do you know the details behind. That is to why I think it's similar to why we went again. It when we started up business James's diet is effectively. Running on an organic farm is no scanning the land but He was a guy that said. Well I'm happy with how important and I'd I need the label. We start in the recession. We look to the Or should we put three compassion naught and we kind of decided the act Conveyed All message karate. which was you know? We look farms Individual basis extensive free range of input We would be fine. And we didn't want to have to put the organic label on because I think had a perceived value of being more expensive and in a recession. When we started that was something we were keen to avoid So we We we had a chat. And you know he's he's no ganic but he's very proud of the way that he's running his system I think they're all they're not while they're on many things that would stop him from being organic but he's growing growing cereals on his father to feed his chickens also about feed from the thing that gets in the way why it exactly exactly. Yes yeah. That's it so I think you know if that's something that you feel strongly about then Really Great Organic Jane Foams out there as well And we were going to say. Well this is Ju- system if you you know if you buy into it and its its it's proper free range chicken and the animals very happy and very seriously and then it's then it's like. Hey I think that's going to be the K.. Isn't end and you will doing doing it. And you know I feel for the average consumer because they don't have that opportunity but then as why they need to buy from companies like yours. I suppose but the key thing is to go meet meet you supply meet you meet you. Produce look look in the eye and find out what compromises they're making and if it simply the case of not jumping through the often financial implications of jumping through the organic accreditation. Who who says you know we've we've dealt with farmers are way too small to come through that kind of executive processing these things pointless and there is just meeting those people and trusting why? That's the case yet post so insane that rather than following an extra accreditation. You've come up your own set of guidelines is that right. Can you just explain a bit about. What do you look for them? When you go out and Ashley so we is really important to us if we're marketing free range and in a painting Afam is face on our website that we're out there in the field with them? So we do that activity James Flam business assistance on Wacky in the business class at the moment and cheese writing aren set of off welfare standards So we've finished Chicken welfare standards and winnow writing all lamb and beef and pork and we. He was doing that because as she said on. Yeah there are certain standards Smooth smooth farmers a struggling to to Kinda hit in terms of Accreditation and also the cost as well And I think it's some sons equites broad strike in what they did and which would be more individual NECA foams on individual basis and then go back because we talked earlier with based on understand the traditional approach and I had a good chat with thome foot from the open area about this and understanding in the dairy industry and the compromises made with regards to animals. inbounds awesome was very good at saying. It's not it's not a kind of a right or wrong. Approach you decide your approach and kind of way eleven of compromises because in his system. He doesn't have milk for three months of the year into into a lot of people that's not going to be an ideal level of compromise but he was very good at explaining. I suppose the difference between intensive farming rather than traditional relational. Actually what. You're going back to in many ways. But intensive found in dairy brought up in a bomb their whole lives or or at the very least east brought back to the bomb twice a day milking. where's his cows are outside all the time? So intensive meat cattle farming was involved so cattles who's potentially born taken away or a couple of days and they kept in a in a bomb most of their live. My understanding is that these we grow them for size size and girth and speed of growth. Can you just explain about how the intensive system works. And then we'll talk about the show I worked on a beef on Supplying Assif Marquette a neighbor take dairy carbs at three or four days on the come in and the Powdered milk And they would then grow oversee away from them. Others ought to appoint they would then weaned onto a high protein feed and and they would be in a shed and the farmers in foments be looking at Danny weight. Gain says all about how quickly that animal was growing and try and finish. I am fifteen sixteen months and they would predominantly be inside. The problem was that they always feed him. high-protein feed stuff. So that might be Brad cake. oranges free. Also things that a cow shouldn't eat ready and It was is obviously a kind of race to the bottom side is all about trying to produce This me as quickly as possible. So it can be sold in the market for as cheap as possible in couch be outside Ian Graphs and I think you look at why not put out was being produced and I think it's because is the SIF markets demand on Farmers on pressure on volunteering contracts g type of beef and I think we we also have responsibility is continuing to say you know. Why is that pack of defense acquit allies? That shaking three pounds. And I think we need to to ask more questions when you're in the safe about products but so that's a review of fatty intensive very intensive beef system and then the opposite is is how James Raises Beef wishes out outdoors in on grocer. Ni- buildings is now. Hi Hi preteen feat that traditional breeds and The that being sought to twenty six to thirty months as additional we've system so you know the two very different things but I think currently that needs to be more education about Beef systems because they really are black and white in terms of their novus reforms in the middle as well but that loads of different farming systems and the way producing beef isn't just as being portrayed in the media Night lots of what we see lots of stuff. In the present moment I think of it comes from America in the fatal systems that are out there in emissions and documentaries on net flicks about that and space the very very different systems to what we're doing in the southwest of England into wearing cartel and grass and cheap and gross. Yeah it's interesting isn't it. I think it is about education. I don't think the consumer would be happy mostly and I am very privileged position probably where we can decide whether spent a little bit more money on the that we by having said that I do think that one of the opportunities to buy me often definitely. We shouldn't be by me. Every day of we easing every day of the week. It's you know it's it's should should be a product that is Diet I think two or three times a week And we have customers that tell us now that they budget with evokes is so they will buy a photo by any other meat from anywhere else. And that's it you know. They'll have that over three weeks five weeks and that's I think that's the way to do it. It's interesting that you say that 'cause I might and there's a lot of bushes who Who just say goodbye as much as the cash? Why'd into you say three times a week because it's not sustainable? The way we're currently raring mate. In the wild we will not be able to keep eating cheap. Mates like India's I think we need to be more responsible We need to do. We need to be looking individual farms in systems and say is. This is a type of meet the comfortable eating. And it's not been intensively deformed and we we're big advocates. If we think that the audacity balanced everything has to be a moderation Yeah any you know. I think we've we've got to have customers that kind of appreciate that. United does a compromise somewhere and if we can kind of help without then hi-fi business confidence destroyed. Yeah that's interesting. I'm we spoke about this before we started chatting. I gave you the admission. I've been following a plant based Diet in the last eighteen months because I wanted to learn the flip side of the debate and the argument. I suppose which has been interesting. But it's also fascinating to see that in in the the traditional farmed system and I haven't got my head around all of the answers yet myself. But some certainly in farming we spread manure over the over the land kind of rejuvenate rejuvenate the soil to enable us to grow the crops. And actually it feels like a balanced system. There's a I think it's called poly face farm in the US so if you read the book. OMNIVORES DILEMMA EMMA. Not really really good but when you get the system right you know the benefit of having a broad range of animals on the farm and a really diverse kind of system is it seems to be self feeding and there is an argument to say that we do need Cats and pigs and chickens also on the same farm. That's kind of growing the the veggies and the grains and all that kind of stuff systems as yester- but is interesting too so that yeah even even in your line of work that you see that as important do you think it's is realistic. We at the point where humanity just goes. I can buy a Bob. Five hundred grams of midsummer. quit now and that's just the system and we've just got used used to it and that's the trajectory of what you do you feel like we're on the point of change. I couldn't change because our customer feedback is actually leave even save markets to come to fill them flower. Let that's the feedback we get and and lots of that is because the product isn't great in the market so I think people are looking better to quality products. If you don't hang beef Dan. It retains loss of water if you don't have to breathe. It doesn't doesn't have the qualities that without that ran in traditional breed. They're aw lots of coolness cop on that puts US going into deceive market and I think people definitely coming to us saying well you know. Actually we don't want tweet me every night of the week it's not tasted very good Anyway and We're going to show you what we think and A hyperbole more people guy that way but clearly preteens a big part of people's diets. That's and I'm not saying like we're the only way Definitely not but do I think the really cheap quality meat should be on the on the shelf. Jeff like at the supermarket for a quick Ni- definitely not. No I agree..

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