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Students that are going in you test into the university. And if you don't make it you're not getting in. There actually is a strata, and they are actually demanding that students meet a certain requirement to get into university. I mean that makes sense to me. Bill handel. Weekday mornings at six. KFI AM six forty four stimulating talk. The FBI the run-ins I've had with Federal Bureau of investigation. One of my already mentioned, you're right. The second one I was at a at a dinner at a museum near what is it? The Autry museum. Oh, yeah. The one right over here. And Jackie Lacey is there. She's the disc journey and at the same table was a a woman who looked very official and she introduced herself as de drp bike. We'll go fight. And I said I said, oh, that's great. What are you doing? She goes. I'm the head of the FBI in Los Angeles like whoa. Straighten up here. I mean, these are two one they can put you away for a long long time. That's a one two punch the district attorney and the head of the FBI outside by my Ps and qs. But anyway, they they both said they were huge fans of the Carol Burnett show. And then d- drew the head of the FBI in Los Angeles. At anytime, you want me to come on just call me be more than happy to come on. So that's pretty cool to have a friend in the at the FBI in Los Angeles in can't hurt. Tim.

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