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Desk. Nancy hardy NewsRadio on five point nine FM. Tens of thousands of residents of Wilmington North Carolina are cut off by still rising floodwaters in the wake of hurricane fly. Specials are starting to distribute food water and tarps to people at hurricane ravaged Wilmington city of one hundred twenty thousand that is virtually cut off by floodwaters supplies are being rusted by helicopter and heavy duty military trucks. The city today will start handing out sixty thousand package to meals. Jim Krasula, CBS news, Fayetteville North Carolina Republicans are hoping to salvage judge bread. Kavanagh's endangered supreme court nomination with a televised showdown next week with the woman accusing him of sexual assault. CBS's Nancy Cortez are a lot of character. Witnesses going to bat for both of these individuals allies of cavenaugh put out letters yesterday from two of his ex for decades ago who said he was a perfect gentleman and very thoughtful and respectful many friends of Blasi Ford in California say that she is very reason would never make an accusation has talked to them about this incident. For a long time hearing is expected to begin Monday more than a quarter million people in Cook County may be at risk of losing their healthcare. Coverage people in this room have a pre existing condition congresswoman Jan Schakowsky posing the question at a news conference at Stroger hospital. Democrats are fired up after looking at the results of a new report it shows some two hundred and fifty three thousand Cook County residents who get insurance on the individual market could lose that insurance because the government may no longer require health insurance companies to protect them the need for audible coverage of pre existing conditions is quite literally a matter of life and death. Second congressional district congresswoman Robin Kelly says changes to the Affordable Care Act. Could also greatly affect women seniors and people in high risk jobs like police officer and pilot Michelle Fiore NewsRadio on one zero five point nine FM. A big night for mckenry VFW Queen of hearts raffle as someone will walk away a millionaire..

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