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I go Denver here, you look at Denver there. Two seasons about to be three seasons removed from a Super Bowl wet. Where they're all time great defense was featured and was the store. I mean, von Miller was the reason why the beat the Panthers in that Super Bowl. Literally, von Miller was the guy paid manning was a complete shell of himself was absolutely terrible. I mean, you look at his playoff numbers and it's disgusting. They spend the next two years struggling at quarterback defenses playing way too much on the field. And I mean when you have no good quarterback receivers running backs are going to struggle because of it. I'd say now. You have a. Decent quarterback at this point in time with case keenum we saw case keenum over the course of his career, not really do much, but also not really have much of an opportunity. He goes, the Minnesota gets shot and they go to the NFC championship game it. It probably should have ended in the NFC divisional round game. But I mean the play happened. You can't really take that away of the way. Also, I mean, case keenum did play well in regular season for them. It wasn't like they drag case keenum there. So you got case keenum with Denver. Obviously, they're starting quarterback. You got Roy's Freeman who's going to be the starting running back. Everyone's really excited about him yet Cortlandt and you drafted, you got to marriage Thomas still there along with Emmanuel Sanders. And I'm assuming at the tight end position there may be expecting Jake, but the end from Michigan who toys ACO to be a bit of a factor for that team. But the x. factor here is the defense, I think, case keenum we'll do fine. I'm just curious to see whether or not last season was an indication of what is Denver defense currently is, or if it was just they were playing way too much. And I mean by the time you give up a touchdown, you know, the game is already over because you're not scoring. So that's the expectation, Denver's defense. I mean, they got Bradley Chubb on one edge von Miller on the other. We'll see what looks like in his first season. You got Todd Davis, still there random Marshall also, I'm not mistaken. And then you got Bradley will be an Chris Harris, junior as your quarterbacks, you still have talent on that defense. Is it the all time great defense that you had when you on the SuperBowl? No, but defense who could finish top ten if everyone played to the best of their Bill. And you say on, maybe you could say that for every team, I don't even necessarily can't. Sometimes the best of your Bill isn't good enough and they got on this defense if they played, they way they have before, yes, they could be adopt ten defense. This team could challenge the chargers for the divisional for winning the division, but I'm gonna say was LA there. I keep wanting to call San Diego. I'm gonna stick with LA there and I'll go Denver number two. The only reason why didn't go with the chiefs as the second finishing. Second in the division is I don't like their defense. The defense is old and they got a lot of unexperienced young guys at that point. So I'm a homes in good. I've turned the corner him. I think it'd be a very good quarterback again, had one of the best I've ever seen in my life in the preseason against Atlanta, I get it was just a preseason game. But I mean the fact that this guy can throw the ball seventy yards in the air on a dot. And I mean, it's perfect. This guy's the real deal. So I like Mahomes this offense going to put up points, but this is going to give up points off. So I got a finishing as third best team in this division finishing third. And that's not necessarily one where I expect the chiefs too bad over the next few years. All I gotta do keep chipping away at the defense and adding players..

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