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A new Hollywood blockbuster appears to be scaring people away from Santa Cruz, California. Jordan peels us as a psychological horror film that takes place in Santa Cruz. The plots a family of four has to escape four crazed in Delhi strangers. Who look exactly like them? It was filmed on location at the Santa Cruz beach boardwalk. It was released Friday many people on social media are making it known. They won't be visiting the popular beach city anytime soon from ABC news, Tech Trends from your apple wallet to your actual wallet. Apple's latest piece of hardware is a cashback rewards card. Made of laser etched titanium the physical apple card works alongside a digital card. Located in the apple wallet ABC's, Mark Remillard says this could be an attempt to lure customers away from other money transfer apps, perhaps that's part. Of the thinking here with more services and to steal some people away from van mo-. But to also offer a credit card in which people can make purchases right there track. Their spending see their rewards all in one place the card gives you two percent cashback on all purchases, which is lower than some other similar cards currently on the market where this competes in the credit card space that will depend because you have companies like discover card, which is a cashback card no fee, but it has five percent cashback APO card also gives users their cash back daily. Instead of at the end of each statement. With Tech Trends, I'm Michelle Franzen. ABC news. Coming up on news. I define Matt McCoy sports and look at business news ABC six meteorologist Indra book. Michael we finally made it to the middle of the week. So what do we have in store for today? Tomorrow and Friday. Forecast. Coming up, the news you want to know collusion. Tremendous victory. Slanderous malicious live take out the day. Democrats overplayed this very few people. I know could handle the news. Yes, he small and you need to know dismissed the charges. Stay in the know. Is it a goal on high? Always. Hit and killed by a train last night at Delaware. News Radio six ten WTVN..

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