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A little the first time he made the finals with the miami heat his playoff run i believe he had to go through pierce allen rondo and garnett and that was just a second round one through them in five then the mvp derrick rose and yo kim noah luau dang and everybody was picking the bulls ables won that first game the heat won that series in five that is such a much harder path then when he's had to do here recently it's amazing it's what stephen as right like all this nonsense about and brian windhorst telling us that we can never allow anyone to forget the run that lebron just made what kind of run did he made he made a run through fred van vliet slumming what are you talking about this is this is the run that he made any this is the part okay this is the part to me that matters lebron james could have played on any team in the east and that team would be in the finals because he just did he could have played on any of the teams in the east even the knicks any of them and he would be in the finals because it's what he just did that was a hodgepodge collection of players they didn't get much of anything from the guys they traded for he is doing it with the next already did it was shumpert and jr smith he want bleep in championship with the knicks already but just so we're clear you have him with the atlanta hawks and into the bottom he could have turned base more into what whatever the hell jeff green didn't game seven contribution i'm serious put it on the poll guillermo as you continue to hunt down johnny knoxville we'll have him next segment it's a lot of people are talking about obviously what lebron's going to do what's a right situation for him and i know that they had assets and they had the top pick and they had kyrie irving on the roster but he went to a team that had the number one pick in the lottery the last time he decided he can literally go anywhere yeah.

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