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Like, there are a lot of lawyers will give the federal government that necessarily in the top policy-making worlds, but it, you know, white collar professional jobs who you aren't good salaries their attorneys, but usually less than what a private sector lawyer bakes, but the understanding is that you get to work aboard reasonable schedule. Oftentimes, right. Like, that's what reason a lot of people do those jobs. No. Of course, they like it right this. There's a lot of different areas. People go into areas of law and policy that they're interested, but they're not necessarily like political people per se. They're educated people look to do skilled work, but not to have the sort of crazy, schedule of private sector client service type work. Right. And this really undermines the big value that the government can offer people which is stability and predictability in those terms. Right. Like because you're now. Suddenly, you know, your throat for for a loop. Right. It's like these shutouts had become this thing that happens like by door Neue. But now, it's like, oh, no, this is actually really bad. Right. Like, I actually don't have a stable paycheck that by family could count on. Right. And that undermines a lot of this also people who worked the private sector in the management consulting world. And now have God they worked for the government, and they do things like Purchasing Management, which again, it's a similar thing. Like they've taken lower salaries still okay salaries, but less than what they were making. But it exchanged the do less travel. They work more normal hours. But now your situation to get and this is like people do a lot with they have kids. Right. They rethink their priorities of what do I really need? But again, your situation where like maybe this wasn't such a good decision. Right. Like people who were not like fanatically committed to do a government work, but who are competent people at it just seemed like. Attractive job proposition, and our baby doesn't seem like such try just depress here like what's the what's the other like option on the table there. You know, because you still have like it's not like the high-powered law firms are getting more flexible. Sure, it seems like this is like a less likely when you know, like a high-powered law firm, you're going to have these crazy hours. It's still seems like more reliable, but things just happened at the mortgage. There's there's nonprofits. So they're smaller firms, you I don't know how so much that happens with Trump like, I think we just don't know exactly until we know how this story ED's four-month shutdown. Then it's like, well that doesn't seem like a very relaxed could in theory tomorrow, the people who I've talked to actually like are in this position. And this definitely was something that came up in a couple of messages, I've received from people like in this is people who have been in government for like ten years dozen years. Like, they definitely thought that this was going to be there like mid career. Career thing. And yet, you're it's not like you are going to have better hours somewhere else. But you thought that the reason you were giving up a certain amount of not just salary, but like flexibility like after a certain amount of time in government, it's harder to get hired outside government. And so, you know, you were essentially giving up a lot of things that you would consider career Embiid wins in order to be able to leave for the office. Go into work come home at a reasonable hour and play with your kids like that idea of the middle class lifestyle not as being defined by income, but as being defined by like, you know, that the job is there. But the job is not always haunting you seems really alien to me is a journalist especially at journalists in the Trump era because like literally last night at ten thirty, you know, BuzzFeed broke, what could be the biggest story of the Trump administration. Who knows like, that's that's actually really good. It's it's yeah. We too. Right. Exactly..

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