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To re opening beaches in public spaces just in time for summer well health officials double down on the dangers of opening too early fox's Steve Harrigan reports the results so far are a mixed bag here in Georgia which is one of the most aggressive states to re open there's been no spike in new virus cases however in Texas which re opened three weeks ago there has been a spike in new cases the highest single day total of new cases since the pandemic began opening schools is a big factor experts say a vaccine by fall is unlikely the southeast is watching tropical storm Arthur as it crawls closer to the North Carolina coastline right now minor flooding and rough seas are expected Arthur form Saturday of Florida marking the sixth straight year a name storm developed before the official June first start of the Atlantic hurricane season America is listening to fox news not really cutting in the great American of course on Friday Nancy Pelosi the Democrats desire to spend an additional three trillion dollars to bail out to California Connecticut New Jersey another democratically democratically controlled areas and there were very few objections they were about fourteen to sixteen Democrats who voted against it basically all the Republicans did including congressman Thomas Massie of northern Kentucky and a congressman Thomas Massie welcome again to the bill Cunningham show and congressman how are you I'm doing good bill how are you doing well now first of all what the hell happened on Friday no committee hearings no witnesses simply remote control voting what the hell happened well made people he rolled out wish listers socialists wish list she called it the corona two point oh or whatever but there was fifty billion dollars in this bill for the EPA environmental justice grants whatever that means a room of our mental injustice so I would imagine this is going to find a whole bunch of liberal green new deal situations correct yeah that more than doubled their budget and then it ten million dollars for the national endowment of the arts ten million for national endowment for the humanities but you know what we gotta do bills we gotta open the economy and this bill that Nancy Pelosi had on the floor which by the way it passed although there were some of her members who defected fourteen Democrats who didn't vote for it some of them thought it was too reckless and someone thought it wasn't reckless enough but but they think that the main thing in it that I think is most hurtful is that it stands the six hundred dollars a week and tell January twenty twenty one these are thirty so explain that because I know some small business owners have a hard time getting their own employees back because we take them for five hundred Bucks a week from the state at six hundred Bucks to it that's like fifty five thousand dollars a year tax free explain what that means well and I hear the same thing myself bill here in Kentucky I have people that small businesses who sent me the text threads of their exchanges with their employees were just trying to get him to come back to work and employees say you know I'd really like to come back to work but I can't afford it because I'm getting this extra money for staying at home right and so now the businesses the small businesses that would have qualified for the PPP the payroll protection plan they can't qualify for because in order to qualify you have to get your employee to come back to work and they can't get him to come back to work so Nancy Pelosi is basically in this bill she would say stay home until January twenty twenty one which is just after the election Hey just after the election now I am going to bet that even though this bill passed it's not going to pass the Senate okay now the impact Mitchell called that that on arrival and and Donald Trump says he's not going to sign it but I'm worried yeah this is the starting point for negotiation and there will probably be some kind of extension in there that will go on there's let me take another step in the Gulf good five five billion for internet at home a hundred billion for the department of education that's an extra hundred billion for the department education schools aren't even open right there is there's a lot of money fifteen billion that goes into the a section of the highway code that covers recreational trails and bike trails and pedestrian projects so he's going to find bike trail during all of this there is the transit emergency relief and your listeners be interested in this of the fifteen billion in this bill allocated for public transportation twelve billion is set aside for grants urbanized areas with populations of three million or more now here's the problem the Cincinnati metro area falls short of this threshold at two point one two million which is part of your problem more last part of your geo you course you're in northern Kentucky but it was hard at Eric about all kinds of smaller rural counties whether it's Wisconsin Michigan taxes wouldn't qualify either right they won't qualify but even if Citi as largest Cincinnati won't qualify so this is clearly a bail out for subways in New York and Washington DC but talking about well we're talking about New York and California here something else thank you policies that Chuck Schumer I'm sure he has to do with this they slipped into the house bill there is presently there's a cap on how much of your state and local taxes you can deduct from your federal taxes and this mostly affects the more a fluent people in New York and California in other words Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi's donors and what they have done is lifted that cap in this bill so that their rich donors can get a tax break out of this bill in New York and California that so that was put in here another another twelve hundred dollars for everybody you know it goes on and on it was so bad that even Democrats so much and given Newson the governor California one of the one of the morning talk shows and he talked about bailing out the California Chicago being bailed out New York in other words those live in Ohio Kentucky Indiana smaller states and well run states like Texas and and Florida would be bailing out of paying taxes to pay off the bad decisions all over urban America and all over the pension system and he says is the patriotic thing to do is there a sense the way the house is now constructed that thing by itself would probably pass under Nancy Pelosi but it would not have passed like three four years ago and the Republicans but my point is going to be look if you have Joe Biden who I don't think it's ever going to be the nominee of the Democratic Party they're not that stupid to put him up whoever the democratic nominee is nope them with Pelosi and help them with Schumer something like that would pass and many parts of this of America will be paying for the problems in California financially that's right the the taxpayers in Indiana and Ohio Kentucky would be bailing out years decades of bad decisions in blue states like New York and California and that's and that is in this bill okay that's in this bill and it passed in other words the bail out for New York and California their state governments and they won't it won't make it through the Senate hopefully but what I'm worried about it and like I said at the beginning here this is the starting point for negotiation now and they need they need sixty votes to get anything through the Senate so well no it's not it's not going anywhere in its present form but palace added the president has said it trump is set at the basically we have to do something but that something cannot be bailing out blue states at the expense of red states and I just I just I just ran off again the the real clear politics which is which is the CDC and other demarcations I look at some deep blue states that are having tremendous problems including Cuomo in New York who put the older folks released from hospitals and nursing homes which caused the death of five thousand older citizens and you said earlier today that after old people die I can imagine if you had said something like that about but in New York there's a hundred forty five deaths per one hundred thousand new Jersey eleven hundred per one hundred thousand Massachusetts is eighty three per one hundred thousand Michigan is about five hundred per one hundred thousand in the media applauds Witmer and they applaud Cuomo but states such as a red states may I say Ohio has about sixteen deaths per one hundred thousand Georgians sixteen Texas has thirteen Virginia has ten so the the the red states tend to do a lot better in the blue states and congressman Thomas Massie when I run down this list there's little or no correlation between states that were not shut down as opposed to states that were shut down for example in a state like Wyoming it comes down to one person one hundred thousand they didn't shut down in West Virginia they didn't shut downs for per one hundred thousand and two states that shut down and then shut down your the same often the same result so then why is your home state of Kentucky star largely shut down well I look at this list Kentucky Kentucky has seven deaths per one hundred thousand in Kentucky and of the seven three Oren congregate settings of nursing homes that means in the general population there's about four deaths per one hundred thousand and governor Beshear still has Kentucky large easily shut down why that's right well we're ready date with blue governor and it's irrational the policies they apply in New York should not be applied to Kentucky but some of these some of these Democrat governors are basically trying to get the attention of Joe Biden said that he would be right right right what more mainly what Marin Cuomo I guess yeah but and and then and then you've got the other governors like our own governor who just cribbing off of what they're doing and it's ridiculous part for Kentucky I mean in fact outside of the you know the major metropolitan areas there it is it's less than the flu I mean I hate to say that if people get mad when you say that but once you get outside a major metropolitan areas and then the statistic you quoted for Kentucky is actually true in almost all the state thirty eight of the fifty states I have the number here for the seasonal flu deaths CDC ten year average your state of Kentucky is seven oh seven I presently is three hundred thirty four of died of covert nine nineteen that means less than half of the flu I don't think your stay to shut down ineffective you took away the five counties around the Empire State Building if you take away New York City and the two or three counties in Connecticut in two or three in New Jersey they have over half the entire problem and that drives the narrative by Kentucky which is a red state with the blue governor has less than half the deaths of the seasonal flu at Nevada for example has also last dance from this than the seasonal flu but in Nevada they're also largely shut down with the casinos do you think politically I hear the president say this that that the Democrats want to have a failing economy to run against him remember the third oh absolutely I I think they wanted to be as bad as bad as it can be and the other thing that you said bill that I have to agree with because I've looked at on a state by state basis is that in a lot of the states it's over over half the deaths are in nursing homes selling Kentucky at the high percentage it may not be half but it's probably at least thirty percent and and I think you had that number already quoted like three of the seven right out of a hundred thousand right we if we had spent one percent of the money that we spent in the omnibus bills I'm just taking care of the nursing homes right we gotta cut did the impact of this is this virus and half that way and kept the economy open because this is the other thing is that you're gonna start to see how many people have not a cancer screening during the shutdown and we know like for cancer diabetes and heart disease and high blood pressure and all these other complications the sooner you used you start treating those things the the last say cost to treat them and the more.

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