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Facility to the new terminal. The state Senate has already passed it today. The house taking up a Bill to ban plastic bags under Mona dusk is the democrat. Sponsoring the Bill. Bill includes eight Centaur on paper bags and the thicker, plastic film bags and the charges essential to protecting small businesses as well as to incentivize the use of doorbell bags and earlier version would have had the stores charge a dime for those bag. Eggs of passed by the house and signed by the governor the Bill would preempt the Twenty-eight existing local ordinances in the state all stores would have a year to comply with the law or face. A penalty report show, south King County school districts are not meeting the needs of their students and his come. Eric Heintz explains. That's just by years of investment in local schools, the community center for education result surveyed a little more than seven thousand high school students. Most said they believe they're not getting adequate college and career preparation at school many accidentally failed to take the courses required for admission into a four year college some say, the after take pre college or remedial classes, if they go to a two year college, the vast majority say they want to continue their education after high school. But most also said they're not fully prepared for college and very few finish a degree by the time. They're in their twenties. Eric Heintz, KOMO news. There will be a massive hiring event in Tacoma tomorrow, more than eighty employers, including Columbia, Bank, FedEx ground kits have nine one one guard manufacturing in the city of Tacoma will be at the two five three. Job fair. Almost one third of the six hundred people who attended the last one walked out with a job. Anyone who doesn't land a job tomorrow?.

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