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And so they have little groups and they will not pay your eighty-five grand. Then you know whatever grade the group gets you get okay but why? Why are they teaching that? Because they're teaching you how to collaborate but they're not teaching you how to create a team win with the team managed team. They're not teaching you that that's for the Big Boys. That's the that that's that's basically hidden knowledge. So think about this for a second think of some of the greatest people in the world in reference to finances when you think of Bill Gates. They're like wow. He's in the top five richest men in the world but guess what if I asked her audience. Who WAS BILL GATES? Business Partner. His teammate half of the people over half would not know who that person was. He's dead it was pilot. No-one talks about Paul Allen he'll Let's say when the richest Man Award again? Let's say Warren Buffett Warren Buffett. Warren Buffett will if you attend a his shareholders meetings once a year to the left. There's another guy his partner. His name is Charlie Charlie has been with him for. I'll know three forty fifty spy side though entire time. Nobody talks about Charlie. You talk about musically wise. You know lemming. I love music so your audience could remember Paul Simon and Garfunkel in. We talked about Paul Simon. No one talks about Garfunkel everyone talks about Mick Jagger known talks about Keith. Richards is always always tim. Your Win Your your success or your winning life is based off not only your talent but the team that you build and manage and maintain think about prints James Brown. You know. Who's who is Fred. Wesley makes your Parker. I can go on and on about this. I love it. That's great stuff man so I just want tag onto that like we have a lot of. Selah preneurs on the on Who listen to this show A lot of coaches who are like just just them just solo so in this searching it. That's one of the go and a team to get get. How do you first of all the importance of having a team? The portions of hang around you to make you better so I in the fifth grade. I was documented with four to five disabilities. And they were going to put me in special led by Blah snus ness and my mom bless her heart. She stood up Issue slammed her hand down. She said no. You will not label my son. She was adamant about that end. She forced me. She forced me in. We struggled all the way through. But what did that it? It actually also forced me to look outside of myself answers so I had a me type my paper. I had somebody else you study. Somebody help me do this. I it was just crazy so I learned that the hard way the importance of team it is everything you have to have a tape and you know what a lot of times right? It's right in front of us but we don't even focus on. Let me give you an example Scooby Doo right like like I could listen it..

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