Payton, Iraq, Charles Woodson discussed on Championship Drive


Twenty years later we still here the four of you you're name's connected about that night obviously i work would woodson in you know play would pay against payton forever you know there's always been a connection what you guys from that in iraq while thank that when you look at the the draft class as really what i hope my hat on uh was the charles woodson peyton manning we asked him great guys that that i thought that coulda had some some great alone careers but for for whatever reasons they didn't really uh pan out the way they wanted to but i i looked at the the the ninety eight draft class of of something special um it's been able to look at the athletes you have myself you have a legend you know peyton manning you have charles woodson so you looking at you know three of the the top four guys there were one uh as a heisman finalised that goes down in history as some of the alltime greats if not the greatest at their position to play the national football league in we're in the same draft class so i think this wa is special to me i think a special to charles a think especially the painting nothing especially the ryan to be able to have you know four gas sitting up on a podium and being able to have the careers that that we had arranged thanks for a top item at they are at present day care ryan that was area hit i was a really cool conversation with randy and glad you know he was able to do it we appreciated mom memory of the the home stretch of the race is that you know peyton after the florida game really had ill the climb in the minds of the voters and i went to uh knoxville and saw him play early in november against southern mississippi and he was absolutely flawless it was one of the best performances i've ever seen by a college quarterback tennessee won easily forty four to twenty i i think.

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