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Today's case takes us back to August thirty first of two thousand twelve whistle by Flo Rida. And we're never getting back together by Taylor Swift. We're topping the charts and movies the good doctor and the possession where in theaters and on this Friday morning residents in the Las Vegas suburb of Henderson San. They're starting their day and walking down. The street was a high school senior named Gary Haydn and he was headed to Green Valley. High school when he suddenly heard this commotion listen and he heard cries of distress and he could see a woman running down the street in total panic and she's yelling call nine one one. They've kidnapped my daughter. Following the woman is a teenage boy holding a baseball bat and the to them seem to be chasing after a car and they keep running and they disappear out of Gary's view Gary calls nine one one and the Hendersonville police are dispatched and when the police arrive arrive they spoke to the woman whose name was Aurora Duran. And she was essentially hyperventilating. She was in such a state that she struggled to explain officers. What was happening opening what had happened and she just kept repeating? Follow the car follow the car. She motioned towards the end of the street. It took some time to calm her down enough for her to explain what happened in. According to her she'd been helping her two children. Kevin and Emily get ready for school when there was a knock at their front door in rose. Seventeen year old daughter. Melissa they went over to answer it but instead of a simple conversation or whatever was going to happen if someone knocks on your door. Aurora heard Melissa Screaming for help. She ran towards the front door and when she got there she saw her daughter being dragged outside by two unknown men to her horror. She realized the men were trying to pull Melissa out of the House into a car that was waiting by the curb once was fighting for her life punching kicking and struggling as hard as she possibly could but the men overpowered her and shoved her into backseat. Melissa Duran was literally stolen out of her home. In broad daylight the car sped off and Melissa's mom and brother start chasing on foot but they're helpless and stopping stopping. What was happening? The police were baffled at what they were hearing. How did this happen? Why did this happen? Who could be responsible in? What exactly were they dealing with here? One one of the police cruisers took off up the street. Trying to catch up with his mystery redcar and then suddenly a teenage girl pulled up to them. Chennai fight herself is Melissa's best friend Jennifer her and said that she was on her way to the Duran home to print off a school project and Dr Melissa describe when she saw Melissa's mom talking to cops she pulled over to see what was going on so the police regrouped and they turned to Melissa's mom for more information and I did. She see the license plate when she was chasing the car but she hasn't had a chance to absorb those tag numbers. adrenaline was pumping and this is a mother watching her baby snatched from her and in that situation. You're all about catching the car and getting her back. You're not thinking about you know Getting the tags and maybe finding the car later so they asked her if these men that she had seen looked familiar to her and she said no she had no idea who they were and it never seen them before and the men had covered their faces. They had baseball caps at sunglasses and bandanas over the mouse so she never got a real clear look at them but she was able to discern that they were young and Hispanic but they were complete strangers to hire and she didn't recognize any voices or behaviors and no names had been mentioned during the abduction and back in the Duran House The youngest daughter emily she had been frantically trying to get in touch with her father Alejandro to tell him what was going on but he wasn't answering his cell phone right and so at this point the police. I'll go inside of the durant home and start questioning the family. What did people see? What did they know they just needed to find anything they could and when they were inside the House Aurora the Mother Cell Phone Rang Melissa sister? Emily reached over an answer. The phone and there was a man on the other end of the line and he was looking for Aurora. The Mom Melissa's best friend. Jennifer was sitting next to emily and took the phone from her and put it up to her ear. All Jennifer could here on the other end the sound of a car engine and she got sick instinctual. Feeling that it was Melissa's kidnappers on the other end. Who is this? She screamed into the phone and then the line went dead. Everyone in the home started to panic. Had it actually been Melissa's kidnappers. Who called would they call again? Was this really happening. And then Aurora's phone rang again lighting up with an unknown number and right now it's around eight o'clock in the morning Aurora answered the phone and put it on speakerphone for the officers. To hear the voice on the other end of the line was very angry and said quote. We have your daughter and if if you call the police were going to kill her. Then the line went dead and Aurora started to panic because they're already multiple police units part right in front of her home mm-hmm and now she's freaking out doesn't know what to do so where to start. What kind of criminal would be so bold to kidnap a girl in broad daylight light from her front door of her family home and then? Why would anyone target Melissa a high school senior? So they're desperate for clues. WHO's the police decide to canvas the neighborhood just looking for anything? Perhaps one of the neighbors might have seen something important or they might have insight on who maybe might WanNa Target Melissa and already there's crowds of neighbors that start gathering around the house and they start giving officers their version of the events member. Who is eight o'clock people are getting up? They were getting ready for their day but it was one neighbor in particular that had the officers attention and this neighbor said that he he had a home security system and it had a surveillance camera that face the street and the officers could come and look at the system and his cameras. Very well could have caught Melissa kidnappers on tape so luckily there was footage and footage depicted a clear image of a late model two door passenger car. It was bright red with a blue fender in. Luckily this is a very distinct car which could be helpful and tracking down the person or persons responsible. Police go over what they have. So far Melissa's abductors had mother Auroras personal cell phone number and Melissa was targeted at home. which suggests that this isn't a stranger abduction or is but it's purposeful? They want this person for for some reason target. Her kidnappers had to be someone who knew the family. But who and for what reason and maybe they didn't so there's just a lot of questions at this point. The abduction also occurred. When Melissa's dad wasn't Home Melissa's Dad would would have been the only one in the household strong enough to potentially intervene in an abduction? Was this a coincidence. Or was this purposeful and at this point the police took a look at the Durand family. As a whole they couldn't rule out the possibility that a member of Melissa's family could be involved due to the fact that stranger abductions are so incredibly rare and they learn from friends and neighbors is that the Japan family was living the American dream Father Alejandro Mother Aurora had emigrated from Mexico and settled in Nevada trees. Their family one hundred. I come to data to pursue a landscaping job at a local golf course but then made the decision to start his own landscaping business. So what had started off as a few homes with an assistant had grown into a successful company with a dozen employees and clients that included apartment buildings and malls and though the family wasn't extremely wealthy they lived a comfortable life and they could afford Ford a nice two story home in the suburbs. The neighbors had nothing. But Nice things to say about the Duran's it's the police had to keep digging. It happened early. Friday seventeen-year-old eighteen year old Melissa Duran was abducted from her home. She's a great girl. I don't I don't know you know. She's doing her schoolwork and in stock so I don't. I have no idea who would do this there. Why police say two men knocked on the door of Melissa's family's home in Henderson Nevada? While she was getting ready ready for school when the teen opened the door the two men grabbed her police. Say this video from a neighbor. Security camera shows the moment the kidnappers sped off with the teen. Witnesses stood by helplessly all of a sudden. I start hearing screaming around the corner and I see a mother and her son running down the street trying to chase a car. I just see heard someone screaming screaming and I just looked out the window and her mom was just chasing a car and telling like help help you know they killed out my daughter. Police say Melissa's parents then received two phone calls her abductors demanding money for her safe return..

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Dr Melissa, Melissa Duran, Aurora discussed on The First Degree

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