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Well buller able it is very relatable at times everybody knows about the show in the music i just wanted to tell the story behind the music chapter two early yes books only three chapters and the whole third one is just describing same's motorcycle and how loud it is so loud and he puts leaf on the on the whether it's on your fun three your car from tablet or at home on an amazon echo you can get tons of books while doing anything audible you let's switch seamlessly between devices picking up exactly where you left off start a thirty day trial in your first audiobook is free go to audible dot com slash the boys or texts the boys to five hundred five hundred you've got to do that up shit i never even heard of that you get to text the boy text the boys to five hundred five hundred thirty day thirty trial one word to five hundred five hundred that's so cool whose phone text it just for whatever yeah who got the number five hundred five hundred maybe that's what you're next books about brett oh there you go the greek parts you brett to the greek part two away offers high quality luggage it is designed to be resilient resourceful and essential to the way you travel available in a wide variety of colors and four sizes yeah yeah very wide variety of colors including some frigging special limited edition colors shall we get into it.

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