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We had no not operative sports medicine doctors. Nothing and you know today Kresa mods the team physician for the new york yankees for new york city football club. T shawn lynch's the team physician for fordham. I take care of columbia. Dave trophy takes care of manhattan guide about ecologists forty five high schools brady. Leary's are not ops sports guy who's just crushing it so it's it's been amazing just from the sports side of things to be able to have been able to have a part in that what growth which was really you know again very very unique and when i meant to are so many people now which is one of my passions you know when you have that opportunity to do something you know and not be the tenth guy on the team will be the first or second able to create something in your own vision while nerve wracking daunting. There's something really special about that if you're given the the resources to do it and if you have the support to do it And i certainly did. I mean the mentors. I had allowed me to get to where i've got is Is something. I talked about all time and pay that forward as much as i possibly can. Well you can't go. I mean Covid anyway. I could not go to a meeting which i would attend routinely you know five six seven where i could not run into a bill. Wien fellow. I mean you're like it's like bill bella checker andy reid. You know you've got this this this legacy of fellows that you've created across the country. That are unbelievable. I mean they're just at the top of their game and must give great satisfaction knowing that you've helped to treat that or train them so you're really helping to sort of treat these patients that you've never met. It's a really cool thing. Yeah well look. I think that you know for those of us. That going academics. I mean there's a lot of different reasons. People do it but for me without question the the lasting legacy hopefully and i said this the other day i'm not i don't spend much time on linked ian but what i got a note that mike ri- way when of my fellows who i know you know mike. Posted on linked in about a novel approach that he just got published for doing a poster approach for total shoulders and in just struck me like what. What's cool about having fellowship in residency. Is that you hopefully are going to have fellows and residents that are going to surpass you and be better than you and there are some people that get threatened by that and i saw the opposite of that. Like i'm going to revel in your success so much That more so than oh you know. I want you to fail because that makes me look like the big guy i i couldn't think anything further so when i see mike riley doing great. May i see steed goldberg. One of my fellow scot who basically started a revolutionary total shoulder system in his garage. It's a total game changer. It's fda approved. It's gonna get bought by one of the big companies and it's totally transformative instead..

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