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Started looking at inside early browsers websites start ii be a big day 1998 i decided i really want to jump it's bad so that the white house onto centre because this will uh in the height of the dotcom boom above all of an end up working with number startups in the nineties and uh in the work for air well a back a wealth was internet uh also suffered actually got the yesterday they announced that aim shutting down after twenty years and i remember actually writing a strategy proposal to the executives at a well back it at that ninety eight help station shut down the dialed service eight in the centerpiece of a new communications device that included immediate by air and route chat also can stop the votes breezy uh of them may be navy's elite started of difference on that direction uh we chat sites like now uh buds of but uh yes sir after up as a school i actually went back a well uh is helped start fan of international robin initiatives farewell at a up on key mobile hotspot was the first time franca edge on which is a was the nationwide wifi service aroma across us and starbucks airlines loves of open software side us really fair user experience onward movement wifi and this is when we tabled ran right other laptops and our phones all have wiped by built it you'll have a connector aback then was like that it's almost like she can exceed trust her loss things with a on that right now with have you on burkett watching.

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