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But i wanted to throw a couple of guys at you. Because i'm looking at some cards right now and will give We'll give some cards away. So the i will say three people that here this and that send a screenshot show that they're ryan fagin and that they're following. Uh scoops with danny mac on twitter. Send it to me and we'll send you one of these cards will let people pick first second third in the order. They send me the screenshots. Send it to me on twitter. Follow ryan fagin. Fellow at scoops with danny mac. Let's see i've got three rookie cards here. And i'll just ask you about each of these guys and i just want you to tell me what comes to mind when you think about each of them. Let's see the first rookie that i have pulled felix hernandez you think about king felix and i'll say that man last year right. Before the pandemic started he looked damn good and then atlanta braves uniform. But tell me what comes to mind when you think about felix hernandez ryan fagin. he just. He felt invincible Yes was he got to the majors. He's a guy that you watched pitch. You thought i don't know how anyone ever hits him. And if you had them in fantasy you were like i'm good. If you haven't fantasy you had a car of king felix and yeah. I mean it's i think it was telling how quickly here the king felix nickname him when when he was young. And you you never even challenged it like no that works He's that good. You know it's it's it's been frustrating. See him deal the injuries. He has a couple of years Moonlight and have like a a a longer impact of a career But yeah he's he was. He was a one heck of a pitcher. It's so much fun to watch your still a pretty darn good career. King felix is number. One number two is we. Give away Some rookie cards follow ryan. Fagin scoops with danny mac. How about adrian gonzalez the at the time listed at six to one hundred and eighty five pounds with the marlins coming out of coming out of Of high school in san diego california. What do you think of. When you think about a young wiry adrian gonzales. A two thousand draft pick by the marlins. Here's an aging in store. You will not hear anywhere else. Because i may be the only one that knows it. And it's not much about aging. Alice specifically but just Mentally one. When i was sporting news magazine. One of our writers. Mac cross his very good friend of mine lives here. Louis actually He did a story on aging and solace for the magazine. Where he went and played golf with consolidation. Right and so. I was reading the story on on the proofs on the magazine proofs. Kind of doing a little not so much fact checking but just like editing for typos and stuff and looking at the layout and there was a picture that matt had taken of gonzales about to swing right and taken it with either his phone or a little point. Shoot camera any. Oh we had like these like these photos from that goes eight either either. Ap or getting these great action rights kansallis and then in the corner. There was a picture that matt had taken a on in there. And i just wrote on there. I run the proof of like. I'm sorry we can't run this picture. I know it's from the events it's from the moment like we cannot run this bitch. I mean it's technically from it was. It was the only the only image we had from that round of golf like. I'm sorry we can't run and we didn't run it. i think. I think other people agree with me. Pretty good though..

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