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How is this as the union was it like so good crooked welcome NEPAD Save America I'm John Fabra I'm Dan Pfeiffer on the pod today we will have the White House reporter from the Washington Post Ashley Parker we also have our big show in L. A. on Saturday at the Dobie theater her we have John Legend Jimmy Kimmel all kinds of fun surprises there we have some tickets that still think available for our Phoenix and in Las Vegas shows which are going to be a week from today we're in Denver and then Phoenix on Saturday and Las Vegas on Sunday so come see us. How's it going Dan it's going good just want to give you a hats off for doing a great job on Kobe last night representing the brand well you know we tried our best there's a lot of fun there's a live show and you know we just sorta roll with it so it was good loved delivered Iran Tommy was smart I wore American flag socks which people notice so that was it that's we played our part you know I don't support the kitschy socks thing like you're better than that I don't unless unless they're a sponsor then I'm cool I don't usually do it but I've been on the road well days and they were just there so there you go I was in my local corner store the other day which is very serious iskoe and there was a woman wearing at two dope Queens t shirt I didn't realize that merge too and she was talking to the woman behind the counter and said who are the two well what does that shirt she said they're great podcasts they're going to be on tonight as I quite as I doubt my head in waited my turn the line we saw them briefly as we walked off stage and we get to introduce ourselves and talk for like five seconds but I wanted to chat more awesome love that pilots I watched part of the show to their great great all right Dan so president trump delivered his first state of the Union address last night Hour twenty minute speech that offered almost no new policy at all because America has already been made great again apparently what did you think what are your first thoughts dan well a couple things one trump needs an editor yes go the words also the weird thing though I I looked for a word count and someone's that has fifty three hundred words fifty three hundred words is around the word count for a lot out of the Obama state of the Union's but trump's speech was very closely linked to the longest of the univer which is Bill Clinton's which was almost nine thousand words so his delivery it was so unbelievably slow and low energy that he turned what could have been a much shorter speech into one of the nearly longest speeches in history could tell you one thing that is not the reason for that it's not like he had so many police elaborate words that he his words were longer a very low energy he had the real jeb thing going with the low energy delivery they're boring that's my take boring so boring and poorly written and there are a lot of convention like White House Presidential Conventions that I have nuns myself to seeing donald trump to get on Air Force One or a pool spray in the oval or doing a press convoy nevermind isn't do press conferences but if he were used to that but Shing him walk down that I'll to be announced as the president's state of the state of the union that's a real gut punch and then when he finally glad hands all the white nationalist in the Republican House on the way in and then he gets to be greeted by Paul Ryan with the smug most shit eating grin on his face that there's probably better for my blood pressure and Paul Ryan is he's overseeing a all out assault against the Justice Department FBI which we'll talk about later knows talk about the writing I because that's the you know who cares about that and then we'll get to the substance but just a note on the writing like cliches are very hard hard to avoid in speechwriting they are very they're even harder to avoid in the state of the Union the State of the Union is at best you know a laundry list of does that you try to string together and some coherent speech with some coherent theme and as a result it's not like you're making it's not like you're writing an argument or an inspirational speech it's it's really workmanlike and so it's really hard to write a state of the union it's like with almost every speechwriters least favorites beached work on that said there were so many more cliches and just like hackneyed trite language in this speech then I can remember for in and I won't even use our speeches and example Bush's speeches Clinton speeches I mean this is like stuff that would make democratic and Republican speechwriter this cringe here's this here's a sample of the lines that really did it for me if you work hard if you believe in yourself if you believe in America then you can dream anything you can be anything and together we can achieve anything we share the same home the same heart the same destiny and the same great American flag together we are rediscovering the American way what the fuck that was that was all what couple of sentences all right in a row what the hell was that I mean do you think he likes to try to put words on the paper and just forgot to delete some of them I mean they have the it's called the new American moment which is a phrase you know that that Hillary we had used and it's like everyone's like oh plagiarism on Mike well it sucked when she used it to it's a shitty phrase it's not plagiarism because they cheered to dumbed google it what it is I mean we can't talk because we once used the term winning the future without fully comprehending the fact that abbreviated W T F I know well that's the other thing now that I am a few years out from having been a speechwriter you also realize that like ah people need to think of these speeches in a different way you know like you really need to break away from the usual language that so many other presidents and politicians use like it's so important do that especially this day and age when you know authenticity is key and people don't WanNa hear can bullshit and you know it's funny like if there's one person who might be able to do something like that it's donald trump and instead he just like sat there and read this fairly boring speech and it's you know it's not like I wanted to hear him Taki does on twitter because that's fucking scary as hell but it just it was a real snooze you know that's a good point because would I worked in either in the White House or in and outside capacity on all of Obama's and even we were just like looking at code these remarks in the last few years trying to be helpful and every year particularly when I was in the White House you to go to that first meeting with the president be like we're going to do differently this year yes less policy not a laundry list go for forty minutes we know like that's the meeting in November and we never came close to achieving it a couple of years there we actually said and I was suggesting this last night on twitter it would be amazing if some future president liberates all of us by I giving a twenty minute speech on a single topic that they care about they wanna make a persuasive argument about two however tens of millions of people are watching the the state of the union I think there will be probably more useful and effective and impactful then just taking off various policies and like telling fifteen stories about people about this I mean we get in trouble one year because in the foreign policy section we mentioned every continent except South America and there was a big problem that we didn't mention the America somewhere in the speech and all the South America people got upset that's the kind of pressure you're under the state of the Union is you get everyone from every corner of the government saying like no you didn't include this include ah so it's always a mess they should they should retire it so dan what did you think were the political goals of the speech normally and I let you guys a good job of laying this out on Monday but the normal goal of the state of the Union and one year I ran the Korte stadium policy process and the goal is to really set the agenda for the year for into as one to tell the congress in more importantly the public this is what we this is what I want to do is a organizing principle within the government right and so all the agencies they everyone wants as you point out everyone wants their thing mentioned say the union so you all the agencies go home with your best policy ideas in Brigham to us and then decide which ones we'll make it and some of them ended up being very clever great things for the speech many of them up on the cutting room floor even if they are great policy that will go on and change the country in some way just it's not speech worthy and trump did not do that I have no idea what he wants to do in two thousand eighteen and that is because the head fake he has no idea what he wants to do in two thousand eighteen he has not thought about that they can't they don't think beyond the next airing a Fox and friends I think that was one of the most under Harvard aspects of the speech in the media the fact that I mean I could not imagine and I'm sure you can either if we were heading into the state of the Union and the policy folks didn't give us new policy for Barack Obama to announce in the state of the union because reporters back in our day used to be like what there's nothing new in the speech what do you give it for like they would just be hungry for whatever the new announcements new policies are and he didn't have any of that and they didn't try to do it any of that and that's like an I noticed some of the stories today about where they went into living rooms of various people to ask them what they thought of the speech you know and summertime supporters some weren't but even the people who sort of like trump one of the biggest reaction when the most common reactions from some of these people were well he might have had some nothing good about the opioid crisis there was no plan or he might have said something about veterans but I didn't hear offer any plan and I actually think that even if people found the speech challenge right that's right like after in the twenty thirteen state of the Union which was the last one you worked on I believe from the White House that was right after it was reacting to that news we at times were staring down the barrel of government shutdowns budget fights debt ceilings and use a state of the union to set the stakes for those fights because audience right and then the other the other thing you would do is you would try to sell your accomplishments the economy's getting better here's what here ignore what you've heard on Fox News obamacare is working and here are the five ways that's working trump did try to do two of those things one he tried to sell the tax cut in the context of a.

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