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Two disciples who are on the road to amaze they see a stranger. It's really jesus. But we don't recognize him. And jesus says what's are what are you guys to. And they're like what are you talking about. Do not even know what's going on. And he's like well. What do you mean what's going on today. Explain you about the crucifixion. We're looking this phrase the again and you just kind of paraphrased. It's luke chapter twenty four. I one but we trusted. Notice the past tense. We had hoped that he was the one we trusted. But i guess we were wrong. And i think it's pretty powerful to see that in the very moment they were losing hope. Jesus was walking with them. I think that's a powerful passage that we can share with those who are losing up to say just like they thought it was over. Jesus was with them even in that moment in jesus and how many father are with you. You've been in your difficult times and again. I looked at creating space in sitting with them on saturday or when before the resurrection. It's easy to jump towards the resurrection. Say yeah but look i mean. He overcame don't you feel better now but just like sitting there just like christ could have walked up and said hey guys. I'm here like i'm resurrected. But instead he's like no. I'm going to some questions and they're not gonna realize it's me but will help them sit with the reality of the hopelessness which brings greater redemptive power to the event of the resurrection. Awesome awesome Side note here. I just wanna pivot towards real quick. Is it's difficult at times to deal with the crucifixion. Because it is so gory right like we are not the type of people lineup for the gory movies at the movie theater. Like i wanna look away. I don't wanna consider it like the gas seminary so ambiguous that i can sort of be there like. I don't know what happened. Bleed from every pore i. Let's be there but when we go to calvary it's just hard to be there mentally. You're spiritually so. How would you respond to that. As far as the it's hard to consider these doctrines when they include such gory nature. So that i think this is a really interesting question and my theory is that it's sort of an individual approach. Maybe some of us have a reticence to view those kinds of images and within project that onto everybody else. But i think there are certain there sometimes and maybe for some people were. It's actually very helpful to think about a graphic image of a crucified. Christ just a couple of examples. Elder do bay of the seventy describes what he calls one of the spiritually defining moments of his life. He was ten years old in his native country of zimbabwe at a catholic church. And he's just walking looking at all the paintings christ bird different things and then he looks up..

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