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Tre MONTI. TEXAS FINALS The Supreme Court lawsuit against other states hoping to help President Trump in his effort to overturn the results of the presidential election more from boxes. GURNAL Scott Texas suit lists the states of Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin as defendants. It claims those states made illegal changes to voting procedures during the pandemic that affected the outcome. The allegations include the belief that the battleground states did not protect mail in voting from fraud. Texas also wants to delay the December 14th electoral college meeting that would make the vote. Official Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, an ally of the president, announced the lawsuit. His counterpart from Michigan, Dana Nessel, labeled the legal action a publicity stunt. Colonel Scott Fox News and Independent Investigation launched by the Department of Defense and the Inappropriate and Criminal Behavior at Fort Hood has found multiple incidents of sexual harassment and assault. Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy announces he's holding leaders at Fort Hood accountable in total. 14 leaders have been relieved or suspended from their positions. In addition, We're directing investigation regarding criminal investigation command. Re sourcing policies and procedures. The investigation was launched following the murder of Vanessa G. And at the base back in April, and some two dozen other deaths from homicides, suicides or other accidents at Fort Hood over the past year. Texas business Real time numbers on Wall Street the down higher by one of those six s and P 500 up by nine in the NASDAQ Up by 49. Again. The high temperature today is 70 degrees right now. At 66 news also brought to you buying classic Chevrolet from the W B A P News desk. I'm Clayton level. You're next. Updated. 1 30 24 7 news coverage. WB ap dot com Christmas is for carrying.

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