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Speaker to play WCBS eight eighty, six forty. Two and ask sports I with Jacob Wilkins and MAC the Yankees. Fortunately for them get to turn the page quickly after their game one loss says they'll play game. Two of the day-night doubleheader tonight from the Bronx against the royals but. The bad news is. You can't erase what happens in game one they were down six nothing made it six five before Brian, Goodwin's three run Homer in the eighth gave the royals enough cushion and they end up. Losing ten to five Luis Severino struggled for a fourth straight. Start Aaron Boone asked why he's giving it more home runs lately I thought he missed some fastballs just in the middle of the plate and you could tell they. Were hunting that pitch and they put some good swings on it but it starts for savvy electric as his stuff is you know. Commander the, fastballs. Key for him and that's that's up everything else courtesy of, yes Giancarlo. Stanton did go Jeep twenty four th Homer the. Year a monster two, run, blast game tonight has Tabatha. On the mound for the Yanks, Mets in. There as Jacob degrom to the hill against the pirates in Pittsburgh. That game gets going at the top of the hour the jet Sam darnold still not in training. Camp on day two of practice to shots still have not agreed to. A rookie contract now, jets running back allies you're Morris we'll be. Out several weeks with a fractured foot suffered Friday and Todd, Bowles says a tough loss I'm sure it's tough on his second year somebody gets hurt. He's a hard working weeks back he's writing and I beg. Your pardon that's Elijah McGuire of course now the jets have reportedly worked, at veterans Alfred Morris and Orleans darkwa as possible, replacements what sports I at twelve and forty. Two past every hour I'm Jacob Wilkins we all know someone who is booking awesome right no doubt moms and dads are awesome but. Booking awesome, well, vast reserved for that totally remarkable person who supported you big, time now. Is the time to acknowledge them You were the boots the flower company with farms located on the, side of, a volcano that produce spectacular flowers well this is the perfect time to pause.

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