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Traffic center Russ Meyer Thank. You I want to talk about the approach Williamsburg bridge Clinton street just got. A call from Walter. On our ten ten wins traffic tip line thanks for calling Walter he says that the. Clinton street approach to the Williamsburg. Bridge, is blocked off for construction it's. Making a mess of things indeed trying to. Get into. An atom Manhattan downtown has been very rough for drivers this morning the FDR northbound side. Is jammed up from. The Brooklyn Bridge up towards around fourteenth street following an earlier stall southbound side is also crammed, from the Williamsburg bridge to the Brooklyn breaks side of an accident blocking, a lane on the west side southbound side of Henry Hudson Parkway rap from the GW. Beat the Henry Hudson Parkway south at his only one lane open that's been the case for several hours this with an. Ongoing police investigation as committee a very tough trip on the inbound go. On eastbound BQ from, the Verizon on up towards the Brooklyn Bridge but at that point everything. Opens up. Pretty well westbound delays from queens, boulevard to the ally beyond that there's some slowdowns. Coming in Luffing avenue to Tillery straightening as we. See a long island's. Big three in the northern say really nothing major going on we you do have slowdowns. On the southern state on the. Eastbound, side between eagle avenue and meta. Brook Parkway and on the northbound side of. The debate. Expressway from Ron Hempstead turnpike up towards old country road delays we had a word of. An accident there earlier. Here's what you need to know about the bridges and tunnels were about thirty five to forty, minutes inbound at the GOP debate Lincoln's at twenty-five Holland's at fifteen to, twenty outbound all clocking it at about fifteen and this report sponsored by subway I'm Russ..

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