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I all I know you've. My friend Holland on Lamont Dozier, Holland Dozier. Holland, kill king, joy, often Stevie Wonder prepared Krakow, David prince. Although so many men, and what about my Facebook, friends my Twitter friends. They're awesome. They're hardcore animal people to singer of all time. Well, God there's so many gracing Riber was Whitney. But there's so many this great singer of all time God. Billie holiday Frank Sinatra. I don't know who's the greatest singer who hasn't sunk Diane Warren song, but you most wish had or would. Well, Adele is a great singer night. She did she demo one of my songs because she loved it. I wish she would really sat and then we did a couple of things I love people here. She's great. But I don't know. I wish I could go back in time. And I wish I could have written a song for Frank Sinatra that would. What I did. I wrote a song from Willie Nelson this year or last year that was a movie that nobody saw to that. I wish people saw it was the last movie star that Burt metals last night, why didn't that movie company push. That movie was great whatever what is the best. I am warrant song that wasn't a hit. But should have been. There's a lot one of them is a song called numb by PECH, boys. None but numb and you MB. Yeah. People can connects us. It's a great song. Grab a lot. A lot of them play default, Diane Warren songs accidentally deleted from existence except one which would you want to be saved. Think of that. I'm going to answer that. Well, let's rephrase it what is the recording of a Diane Warren song with which you are happiest I'm happy with some any of them. But I don't know. Top of my head homeless. Go say, I don't miss a thing. And I find if you hit not want them to be deleted. If you had not discovered or been allowed to pursue your passion for music, where would you be today? Dead, sir. Sleep through. I wouldn't be alive. You know, music saved my life when I wrote how do I live? I was also those my love song to music, you know. Yeah, I wouldn't be around. I don't know how to do anything else. You know? I'd my mom one of the things were it's not like like, she was trying to to, you know, be mean or something, you know, what is real chances that a girl with no one in the music business. Her family is gonna make a living at making music really think about it. That's one. I know how lucky I am. You know? So she's right. I wouldn't I wouldn't I didn't have a plan B. I don't know what to do anything. I mean, and I was like with some shady characters. I who knows where I would've gone. It wouldn't have been good just found your Oskar speech for when the day comes. Thank you for doing this. Thanks very much for tuning into awards cheddar. We really appreciate you taking the time to do that. And would really appreciate you taking a minute.

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