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I don't wanna say those things for me it's like okay well i myles stone to me is if we can get to like yeah one chilean break that yeah i think it's it's very tough to look at it in aggregate and go oh all of these different services that address all these different needs would look we possibly get to what's like a decent reasonable market cap you know and so i think what i'd like to do with that is simplified certain sectors of the market let's say privacy points which i think in and of itself is a ten to fifteen trillion dollar market let's take location services like x y o which we mentioned earlier like you know ten or twenty episodes got anyway location services that's another like trillion like ten trillion dollar market and so i think if you just even just just take those two examples know which are tiny subset of the entire crypto ecosphere that should bode for a really large market gap i mean how quickly are we going to get there i have no idea i think within two years we should be over for one and a half or two trillion or like a few trillion minimum but it's hard to say you know this stuff is very tough to figure out when you're first getting involved and so it kind of takes a while the first thing people i agree totally in i just like to i was like to ask that question it's been on my mind i've been interviewing people lately so i just wanted to take the sea for quick second see two guys but i i won't railroad anymore but i do i do hear a lot of people try to compare to the stock market and they'll say i don't know i mean the the global stock market is i think in the neighborhood eighty eighty trillion dollars globally so people's our while the stock market is eighty trillion dollars were only four hundred billion like we have all this upside while i think that's true and i think token securities is a twenty nineteen late twenty eighteen play for sure that we're not that's not where crypto i think blows up most people are not familiar with like the derivatives market and basically that's that's where the i mean that's a twelve hundred trillion so i think the point to quadri.

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