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Tanaka is back in the dugout after warming up and here comes jordan zimmerman so we are about to get underway fora brad house mrs detroit tigers in kinshasa were laid off at ubs they think it's over for them be alert home team be alert they know how to win that's all i'm saying and you know how the baseball playoffs are this has a little bit more to do than just what the cubs it can get tricky in the post season and they don't have to be a wild card if they win that central you're not do what the coin flip unlike the american league sleeper that i have this sleepers going to jump out bite somebody it is adam hawks seattle mariners that's right he is a key was did he what i told of this is my sleeper pick in the american league just two games about five hundred right now but only a game and a half out of that wildcard spot they been red hot they won four straight several of the last hand this team kid hit the baseball and they give to hide behind the shadow of the houston astros all season astra's are running away from it you know the seattle mariners no they're playing for a cardi's they've known that since early may so there is actually less pressure on them this team does not pitch extraordinary in the first antigod and that's the starting pitching put the bullpen is nails and that lineup when kyle segers like dare your fifthbest hitter yeah i that's pretty dangerous don't do not sleep on the seattle mariners because there by sleeper the american lee cubs at or good stuff there that's right sleepless in seattle though it sleeping in seattle a don't do it on the mariners they're dangerous long absolutely dangerous are you know what else is dangerous getting a little weight year old age and believe me i could write a couple of cookbooks about it at have right i know i know fact at the story that came out in sports with the great kobe bryant ends people try to fat chair name for a picture with him on vacation i believe in italy actually i believe that's where.

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