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T. aim seven ninety two sons most stimulating talk you know let's stick with the college thing but we can be ninety three today so enjoy well it's cool right now there's a story that in my system my stack since the weekend that I want to talk about and it's related to this because it has to have college stuff and it's also related to the point I made in the seven o'clock hour which was epic saying why hasn't anybody on the left whether it's a Hollywood person or whether it's a professor or whether it's another Democrat they'll talk about white privilege right you know the only goal for white conservative people Joe Biden uses white privilege to enrich his son hunter Biden I don't believe in my privilege I think it's abuse of power but we're told all the time white privilege exists this is the ultimate example of it and yet a see Bernie Sanders folk on this and nobody said anything one of the Biden criticized him for using his white privilege I guarantee them to you if trump did something like this where don junior and Eric got rich they say here we go again typical crap we tell you white privilege using would happen you know it but we know it's garbage and more do here's the headline the caught my attention New York Daily News Georgia southern students burn book by Latino author after discussion about white privilege oh boy Georgia Southern University students angered by a fiery conversation with a Latino author who urge them to examine and their white privilege responded by setting her book abilities by the way I wonder if this woman enter name is Jeff and Jenn Nina couple crew set a New York times contributor of course an associate professor at the university of Nebraska she visited the predominately white college Georgia Southern University I wonder if this woman is calling out hunter in Joe Biden further white privilege I think it's going to happen probably probably no yeah so she talked about her novel make your home among strangers yeah her book follows a Cuban American girl from Miami while she just to her new life anally New York college so if you open the floor to questions about the story it was required reading for some students as part of the first year experience several audience members took issue with that she presented and discussed white people this is from the university's newspaper the George an quote I noted that you made a lot of generalizations about the majority of white people being privileged one student said what makes you believe that it's okay to come to a college campus like this when we're supposed to be promoting diversity on this campus which is what we're taught right I don't understand what the purpose of this was Mike you know saying that all white privilege the majority white privileged white people are privileged she responded the the author preset responded explaining white privilege is a real thing that you are actually benefiting from right now in even asking this question is it even means I mean don't ask me what exactly right on that man's exec I don't really have any answer to give you so I'm gonna just shame you and make something up which is pretty much what the different except it my gosh so because of that and we get a discussion students took video of themselves burning her novel them posting on social media one student tweeted so after the book's author came to my school to talk about it these people said to burn her book because it's bad in that race is bad to talk about they demonized the person that the student to it also white people need to realize they are the problem and that their privileges toxic offers women of color again will anybody go after like I said Joe Biden for exuding is white privilege why do they only go after Republican white people yeah I'm just shocked that a point that what the what these people saying in a way where I know if I was to say well you know all brown people use a brown privilege to get stuff I'd be I'd be thrown in a hole someplace I never heard from again in China you won't even hear that one of these people the way they act yeah you want to bring people together you don't say things like this are true she was scheduled to deliver another talk and another at the university's Armstrong campus but was cancelled we could the book burning incident good for them for standing up to this person saying screw you this garbage and is what happens on college campuses happens the way I guarantee that what that their jobs a professor Roberto Rodriguez that's his name I get my the guy who said that he'd like to see the you know a rich Republicans get their head chopped off you have to see it yeah I guarantee you talk about white privilege I guarantee it but he's not gonna talk about Joe Biden exuding as white privilege now again if if they really believe the white privilege thing I'm talking a see I'm talking the medium talk and you know what what any people they have much more credibility my eyes if they went after other white people like the bidens for doing this but again it's not it's not white privilege it's what you know I know this it's just abuse of power talk about it you don't think they're black people that abuse their privileges like a bomb was abused as privilege I get a broad daylight Alisa Cummings getting rich it's crazy you want to take it I've been calling for phone calls I don't think anyway okay fine you're pressed CJ welcome to KNSD hello CJ are we doing today what's up man don't let me down well you're just ask the question I'm sure just rhetorical why don't Democrats call out each other on white privilege but they call our Republicans all the time yeah we know the answer right yeah but you can go ahead well in my opinion class don't call themselves out because what they're after corruption there's got what they have Kobe under which Democrats are against yeah then you can build it you didn't quite but I mean so here's again here's the the point is also I'm I'm I'm making rhetorically is that their claims of white privilege our garbage and they're hypocrites because you know and and that's only because they really believed in it they call out Joe Biden instantaneously right but he got his corruption there aren't working exactly and that's why they do you can you exuded is white privilege because he didn't really earn that he used his white privilege to get his son and himself rich so they can say that but they're full of crap because they don't actually believe it they only want to stigmatize a certain group of people which are white Republicans that's it yeah yep exactly exactly thank you CJ thank you very much you're welcome if I give you missed it again there is a Hollywood celebrity that call that trumpet is white privilege just a few weeks ago will play coming back nine twenty eight do not go anywhere it's gonna stay the morning ritual with Gary Lewis men allowable Country.

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