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He produced broadway hits like reds and hamilton but jeffery sellars says that was just his act one i feel that we are in a golden age of the broadway musical his work of ended traditional thinking about what works and cells on stage but what does he see motivating the next generation of broadway hits tony awardwinning producer jeffrey seller next time on one end one eight two night at 11 o'clock and at eight o'clock tonight a conversation from the 2017 aston ideas festival norman lear a prolific television writer and producer is joined in conversation with his friend keyser con 2016 democratic convention speaker and goldstar father whose son was killed and two thousand four during the iraq war they talk about what it means to be an american how're politics reflect and affect us and how we can change our collective culture that's at eight o'clock tonight here on kqed public radio hits repeated at 2 o'clock in the morning tomorrow ten minutes now before six o'clock backed off things considered this is all things considered from npr news i'm ari shapiro and i'm robert siegel classical guitarist john williams reached millions of years when he played the main theme to the oscarwinning 1978 eight film the deerhunter by the end williams was already a star major label he toured the world many times over he released his latest album this year npr's tom call catches us up on john williams and he's music today john williams got his first guitar when he was 4 in his native australia he's now seventy six and he still plays an practices every day but i love doing it says that a program and he still loves the sound of the nylon string guitar.

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