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Universal basic income in a maximalist I do a good idea and I. do think we can pay for the the issue is is what it's very simple. The product called expensive college is a product of the nineties. Whenever Congress passed Lovato laws, saying that college should be expensive. I'm using fourth grader terms here just to get to a point the idea is college doesn't need to be expensive. Impacted actually needs to be somewhat free. Pan Out. So the the deal is is we could easily just forget it. The FDIC, the Fed could come in, and you can have basically a goal set zero, but that's not I was going to ask you if that was removed altogether if there was if that would impact things, okay. You've answered that question for me. So the idea here now is that we continue on into the future, and still have expensive college in no loan, forgiveness or any type of like opportunity package. Where even if you did pay for college and it was super expensive. You're still guaranteed some type of incomes type of. Some type of a foundation right I. Mean Kids are working hard. Kids in a lot of money I've been the same thing I tried through college, and it was very difficult, and it was even very difficult, if I wouldn't have had the opportunities late in front of me with family, business and things like that. It would have been I. would have had to do two or three more years for my. License I never wanted to really be therapist. Always interested in how the brain functions outbreak worse how we interact with each other as humans on this planet. But really it's kind of a difficult topic, and it's also hard one to tackle. I, just think that forgiving everything for the generation between nineteen, eighty, two to nineteen, ninety, three, nineteen, ninety, five, and then continue on the tweet. Things make things make college less expensive would be a great idea. Let me, ask you question. Currently our. Options strategist with simpler trading, tell the audience a little bit about what you do, and how they can connect with you and what you can do to assist them in making their life a little bit better. Absolutely so simpler trading a great team. We're probably one of the best out there as far as informing educating people on auctions, and how to actively manage their money, what we do is take it from an educational standpoint and really shorten the learning learning curve, so if I wanted to be an amazing baseball player. There's a certain amount of time that I need to spend baseball to get good at it and the learning. Learning curve still applies to trading options and so what I do on a daily basis. Yes, eat on! The weekends is I love numbers, so I will crush. Numbers will make sense out of the Frederick one analysis, and then I'll do this across all sectors whether that's utilities, industrials, anything and everything currencies, equities, futures, and what I do is i. go what is giving me the best opportunity in the safest opportunity for me to? Exploit these market moves, and so what we have is memberships. You can sign up and you can follow me a morning I'm doing a live broadcast every morning on our, and then we have other traders and the people away. John Carter is president founder of the company and Henry Campbell. T T, Watkins Danielle what we do is. We broadcast throughout the day? What exactly we're doing how we see the? The ARC it's and it's going great. We have a huge audience. It's continuing to grow, and we can be happier doing our job, because not only are we. You know doing something that's benefit in the lives of others. We're doing work. That's meaningful to us. We are passionate about this. We don't just wake up the man actually trading options today. No, we love it and it's our is our. Is Our ashes. Well I WANNA. Thank you so much for the information. You've shared with us today. I think that this has been very eye opening and I would love to have you back on the show so that we could talk a little bit more and really continue to educate and equip our tool belt with information you give us. Thank you for having me. And I WANNA thank all of you for tuning into another episode of Rebecca Sounds Reveille I think the information ejection today was phenomenal in fact I think he really made the information very simple. We definitely want to connect more with him with. The things that he can do to really expand some of your knowledge and get new in a position that will really launch you forward. In fact, options may be something that you never knew could get you to a place quicker than. You thought was possible so definitely connect with him over at simple trading. And follow him on social media. You'll be able to find the information through the connection that we have with the article that. Show and I ask that you share this information with your friends, your family, your loved ones, everybody they know and all you don't. Thanks for tuning into another episode of Rebecca Sounds Ripley..

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