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It is twelve twenty. Eight and delays are growing on seventy five central. Going northbound. On seventy five approaching forest there's. An accident in the left lane the, back of his. Past walnut hill basically to Park Lane at this. Point also the slowdown through Richardson completely gone now southbound. Seventy five looks clears you pass a rap Ajo and beltline in head toward the high five new issue in Rockwall eastbound. Thirty the entrance, ramp from FM thirty five forty nine to I thirty is blocked with some crash. Cleanup traffic is slow as you pass by and prosper Frisco area southbound Dallas Parkway approaching three eighty it's down to one. Lane for construction heavy backup to I. Really you can use Preston instead and westbound three. Eighty is really slow at. That intersection as, well seeing some slowdowns on the side streets in plano. Northbound seventy five service road approaching plano Parkway is very heavy May have some construction through this. Area and also the westbound side of plano Parkway. Is grinding. Along as you come over from. Avenue k. Halton city there's a slowdown, on eastbound north. Eight twenty approaching Holcombe road plus in west Fort. Worth westbound thirty eight green oaks road work takes up. The right lane I'm John little your next report, at twelve thirty eight and breaking traffic alerts when they happen KRLD weather center forecast calling for a partly cloudy day mostly partly cloudy with a high of about ninety two rain is in the forecast, every day on through the first part of next week at. Least there's a small shower popping up around Azel. Moving in toward eagle mountain lake and the rest of the shower activity in our areas. Off to the southeast of Dallas at the moment right now eighty. Six degrees news traffic.

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