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Right Oh. Yeah. Redemption. In this book of Essays Roxane Gay tells readers that the only way to support gender equality is by stringing small decorative objects onto necklaces. Okay beating necklace bead. That breaking that. And sort of the general term for women and men who talk about bad bad feminist pizza mayor you got. was hard work to use context clues to get through the. Ask. Here's another one. If you have a gluten allergy, you shouldn't read this well known guide to pregnancy exclusively for bread bakers, which gives new meaning to having a bun in the oven. What to expect when your? Explain how. Either what to expect when you're expecting allergy with two Glued. We Oh we do expect. When you're expecting. Nice. and. I'm glad you knew that book because it'll high five. Okay James Joyce's first novel is a coming of age story about Stephen Daedalus a boy who roars into puberty when he grows hair on his neck like a lion. James Joyce James? Joyce. No No. The other one Oh, the Double Dubliners Dubliners, the other other. Finnegans. Why did he write? So many books well, it would be something about a man because it becomes main portrait of an artist as a young man. Yes. So sorry. That's fun. I,.

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