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If it's got a carburetor or fuel injection STAN is the man you need to take a run over there you can get your fuel mileage back he's got enough parts and pieces that? He should have no issues in your vehicle back up and running if that's necessary or. If you need to pass. Smog can you can't smog it but he could definitely. Fix all the parts and pieces necessary to get. You smog legal so. Check, these guys out Righty now we've got A little bit. Of motor sport news I guess the most important thing we should talk about going right out of the, box is? Robert, Wickens Robert Wickens yeah IndyCar driver. Huge spin out kit the catch fence. Hit. The safer barrier Rolled right up over the I mean it was just one of those wrong place wrong time yeah nothing, he could? Do, to get out of the situation. That he found himself in and it You know it's one of those also. Nobody nobody's fault no no no no it. Wasn't it wasn't that thing? But he knows, reysen deal got. Taken away to hospital, we didn't know if, he was going to. Be okay, or not and you. Know the. Miracle is he's alive how. Old is he twenties so he'll he's he's a rookie. He's gonna bounce back, but he took a he, took a heck, I mean he's got, back issues he had he. Was on a, ventilator, they're broken legs from what I heard a broken arm and so you know his whole body was involved but he's off he's off the ventilator he's talking. To his, family so you know he's he's my only concern is. They're, not saying a lot about his spinal cord injury that it looks like he may have suffered What did you have to wait and see yeah Did you? Know you watch it on TV who was it it was Amrullah now he just got his NASCAR up in the air and came back. Down again and hit the ground and fractured? Vertebrae And you still think about that I mean because when you look at the accident it was like No big, deal vertebra compress Did you ever see? The accident with. Michael Waltrip now it. Was I think it was I'm going to guess all you people, don't be ragging on me but I. Think it was Kentucky speedway were there was a like an entrance gate in the, middle of the back stretch And he hit that and it was it was either partially, open and he was doing had to. Be doing eighty nine miles an hour and a car came to a complete stop Walked away and Waltrip six foot I mean he's no little guy in fact that's where they came up with the idea put Iraq Put a hatch. On the, roof of the car to get people out, of yeah Well the, best. News is that even though the car was pulverized literally pulverized wiccans. You know survived and it. Says a lot about safety technology in the racing industry so that's. The good news so we'll just have, to stay tuned. And see how he's doing but. The IndyCar community's really behind him obviously has hats I tried to find. A hat I, wanna to get one figured the money's going towards his towards. Him one other thing the extent of the spinal cord injury he suffered remains indeterminate whenever. That means means they probably haven't been able to figure out exactly what. It is they did stick titanium rods and screws were successfully put in his spine so that's probably to keep. It For moving Future treatment for wiccans includes more corrective surgery rehabilitation So that's pretty much where they're at on that and that was It's a horrific accident is part of racing yeah I don't know what they. Could, do any different that. Would. Have eliminated that problem his feet oh feet always. Get it yeah Know they try. To, keep that foot box. Intact Particular situation, you know it just didn't it didn't work out so. We'll have. To just wait and see on that so yeah and and then speaking of a little more crazy, news feed, anybody watching extended race at road America Bill Elliott at the tender age of sixty two decides he's going to go. Out there and shake it up with the boys Well, it didn't turn out as nice as he was hoping is basic comments were that he hit everything but the lottery He ended, people expiring out I, gotta tell you. You know I like it it just, is, he gonna. Get told no thanks back pretty. Much, banged up the, car yeah but you know Bill Eliot had an, eventful day at road America but it was still mission accomplished for what he wanted to do in climbing back behind. The wheel at sixty two Just to, see, how a. Race car has changed over the. Years, because he that, would be awesome interview to see what he thought, Elliott finished twentieth which isn't bad I mean you know he could've finished last he did spin out a few times He did smash the, nose in our earlier incident, and then, he ran into the back, of somebody then, with, seven laps to go Elliot spun, and ended up in, the. Bushes he started the day. Twenty-third and through pitstop cycles different strategies he got his highest seventh well which is, not, a bad you know I don't think he says and he says well I feel, like I hit everything but the lottery coordinator Elliott it was a great day I'd like to thank expanded and all the guys that I am connect and Maui Gallagher GSM racing team owner. For everything they've did. For me, today because, here's the deal his. Son was supposed to drive the car Oh and his son said hey My, dad. Drive it they said oh okay so and he felt like that he needed more through turn nine and ten and the carousel. To carry any speed through there I just felt like, I, gave, up too much well bad. Five six or seven and eight he. Got a little bit free down elaborate all. In all is a good day enjoyed it wrote America was Elliott's first race in twenty, twelve in his. First series races two thousand seven, ask if you'd. Be, back again Elliott said, doubtful This was. A lot of fun good time, had by all Yeah and he said these, guys are. Serious racers I mean all these kids are really really good I felt like I held my own pretty good for when I'm. At in my career and what I was. Trying to do it's just hard. To put it all together Dude it's. Impossible? Well, plus, it sounds, like he didn't have. Any track time practice up or anything I think it rains, so, no. Wonder yeah and, so and so the winner. Of that, race was Justin algal Geyer, and he. Cheers kick butt and take names used the chrome horn he yeah he I mean he won by Jesus it was a summary. Dickey's like four seconds or it says yes He. Has second victory in three weeks to well you know right car right team yeah right he's racing for JR motor sports he was five. Point? Four, seconds, margin of, victory kit for him. And Justin marks and James Davidson James Davidson rookie would've won, that Algarve got up got up to him start. Sniffing on his. Tail Annan I'll Davidson? Just. Freaked out when into? That, so hot and you? Could, just tell this. Was this was not gonna work at all. But, hats off to Bill Elliott I get. It somebody handed me the steering wheel to, experience car I'd go to would I. Be competitive, no would I be good no would I. Love it yes, except, no regrets I have a real problem finishing, twenty, third oh, that would that's just. A, real. Problem but I guess I could. Outlive it well dirt, dude is supposed to call in he says. He's burning through his paperwork as. He speaks I was like Michelle Yeah yeah smoke in the mid night on l. work. Is, my life and he's. Out there trying. To knock it all. Out get all line of if. Not Britney her last day of summer yeah so everybody silent moment for Britain because she race last night and that's it for now, it's going to have to be. Under pressure because. Schools start giving you harder to get the car. Ready and everything. Those kids racing comes? First. Yep so she'll be? Burning, the midnight oil like? The, rest of us. Getting her she'll be grumpy all those kids. I, hate to be her kids tomorrow but. Then again she might be all bright eyed, bushy tailed yeah I hope she does. Like I, told her where her helmet to work yeah. That would be, awesome Well that'll set, the stage. Right, let's take a quick break hopefully dirt dude we'll call in right here. On, AM eleven seventy answer.

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